Power Bite Reviews: Is It Worth Buying or Cheap PowerBite Dental Mineral Complex Claims?

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Dental reports suggest that there is an influx of people with dental problems. Experts attribute oral problems to overconsumption of chemical-loaded foods and poor dental hygiene.

Most fast foods contain preservatives, fillers, and other harsh chemicals, imbalancing the pH in the mouth and making it overly acidic. Acidic saliva erodes the enamels and gums, resulting in chronic cavities, weak teeth, and gum inflammations.

PowerBite dental tablet is a daily supplement comprising a range of minerals to improve oral health. It can fortify the gums, teeth, and enamel while preventing the risks of oral problems.

Is PowerBite worth the price? Where can you buy it? Who should use it? Keep reading to discover more about PowerBite mineral candy.

Product Overview

NamePowerBite Dental Candy
ClassificationDietary candy for healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath
Major Benefits
  • Combat pain and inflammations in the gums and teeth
  • Strengthen teeth and prevent further damage
  • Encourage fresh breath
  • Balance the microbes the in the mouth
  • Active IngredientsMyrrh, xylitol, lysozyme, wild mint, calcium carbonate, clove oil, and Mediterranean sea salt
    Quantity per Bottle30 capsules
  • PowerBite has natural ingredients free from GMOs, fillers, and harsh chemicals.
  • All ingredients are purportedly from high-quality sources
  • PowerBite is US-manufactured in GMP-certified facilities
  • DosageUse one tablet daily or as directed by your dentist
    ResultsCustomers can start experiencing quality results after 2-3 months of using PowerBite consistently.
    PricingVisit the official website www.getpowerbite.com
  • Total body Detox After Tooth and Gum Decay
  • The 2-Minute “Sparkling Smile” Guide
  • Note: The two bonuses are available to customers buying more than three bottles of PowerBite dental candy.
    Refund Policy60-day money-back guarantee

    About the Product


    PowerBite is a unique chewable tablet comprising minerals and other herbs to improve dental health. The plant-based ingredients supposedly work from the root to fight gum, teeth, and breath issues. The creator describes it as a safe and effective “healing candy” that is easy to use.

    PowerBite is marketed as the only teeth and gum-supporting formula ideal for everyday use. It has a unique mineral and herbal blend to strengthen the teeth and gums while reducing the risks of common dental issues, including cavities, fluorosis, and gingivitis.

    Customers can acquire PowerBite online through GetPowerBite.com at affordable prices. All US purchases come with free shipping, and clients opting for bulky options get two free bonuses.

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    How Does PowerBite Dental Complex Work?

    PowerBite maker states dental candy is rich in minerals and herbs to promote oral health. Consuming one tablet each evening triggers a series of healing processes to enhance gums, enamel, and teeth health. How does it work?

    Reduce Acidity: PowerBite maker argues that most foods cause pH imbalance making the saliva acidic. Too much acid erodes the enamels, gums, and teeth, causing pain, inflammation, and decay.

    PowerBite tablet releases nutrients that balance the pH in the mouth, supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria. It can provide a suitable environment for healthy microbes to thrive. Balancing the pH prevents erosion and unhealthy inflammations.

    Remineralize the Enamel: PowerBite is rich in unique thermal calcium to rebuild and fortify the enamel. Calcium carbonate and other nutrients regulate the temperatures in the mouth, strengthening the teeth. The mineral blend can seal the microscopic holes preventing further damage to the enamel and teeth.

    Fight Inflammations: PowerBite supplies the mouth with anti-inflammatory nutrients. According to the maker, dental candy can promote healthy blood circulation in the mouth, lower unhealthy inflammations, and improve oral health.

    PowerBite tablets are flavorful and soothing. Clients should place one candy in their mouth each night to ensure the different parts of the mouth absorb the therapeutic plant-based ingredients.

    PowerBite customers should use the formulation for the best results for 60-180 days. In addition, reducing the intake of foods that harm the mouth bacteria or cause erosion minimizes the risks of dental problems.

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    PowerBite Ingredients


    The manufacturer of the PowerBite supplement provides the complete list of all ingredients in the formulation upfront. The major components are in the form of a proprietary formula making it hard to determine the exact amounts of each element. Still, all the active PowerBite ingredients are clinically proven to enhance dental health.


    Myrrh is an essential ingredient in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The oil is clinically used to enhance the joints, teeth, and overall well-being. The usage of myrrh for therapeutic purposes is documented in the bible and traditional medicine.

    PowerBite creator states that myrrh can minimize the risks of oral infections. It has anti-inflammatory properties to treat mouth sores, soothe inflammations, and accelerate the healing of intramucosal wounds.

    Myrrh can boost the immune system and eliminate various infections. The active compounds in the component can neutralize the mouth’s pain and support the development of beneficial microbes. Myrrh can also fight foul odors in the oral cavity.

    Calcium Carbonate

    Most people take calcium to fortify bone mass, support muscle growth, and improve the nervous system. Studies show that consuming calcium carbonate regularly can reduce teeth staining and eliminate plaque on the enamel.

    According to PowerBite creator, calcium carbonate can prevent the growth of tartar, thus minimizing the risks of cavities. Additionally, it can aid in eliminating unhealthy microbes in the mouth, thus balancing the pH. Clinical evidence suggests that using a combination of myrrh and calcium carbonate regularly can benefit people with Bechet’s disease.

    Calcium carbonate can benefit gastrointestinal health. Evidence indicates that the compound may ease indigestion, heartburn, stomach upset, and other colon problems. The ingredient can improve liver health, particularly after damage from exposure to heavy metals.


    Xylitol gives PowerBite a candy-like taste. It is a natural substitute for sugar. PowerBite maker claims it has a high nutrient profile and is ideal for reducing unhealthy inflammations and infections.

    Xylitol can minimize the risk of dental decay and the growth of plaque-growing microbes. Together with other PowerBite ingredients, it can neutralize acidity in the mouth and cavity formation. In addition, xylitol can boost collagen formation, strengthening the connective tissues in the gums and teeth.

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    Wild Mint

    Wild mint and other herbs in PowerBite offer fresh breath and clean teeth. The menthol is rich in various antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause gum disease. Wild mints can soothe the brain, reducing fatigue, stress, and frustrations. The natural aroma can balance the stress hormones promoting natural relaxation. Wild mints can support relaxation and cognitive abilities.

    Wild mints can strengthen the heart, promoting healthy blood flow. According to PowerBite creator, optimal blood movement supplies the delicate arteries and capillaries in the mouth with oxygen and nutrients. Wild mint can lower the risk of hypertension and blood pressure.

    Mediterranean Sea Salt

    Experts suggest that Mediterranean salt is healthier than common salt because of its low sodium levels. Most diet programs promoting weight loss recommend using this salt type because it enhances digestive juices. Studies suggest that using Mediterranean salt can minimize gastrointestinal problems, including constipation.

    Adding Mediterranean salt to bath water can improve skin health. Evidence shows that it has anti-inflammatory properties, thus effectively soothing skin issues, including psoriasis, acne, and eczema. It may also soothe dry skin and keep the dermis intact.

    Mediterranean salt strengthens the gums and enamel in PowerBite. The anti-inflammatory power can soothe and heal bleeding gums. Additionally, it may aid in reducing the acidity in the saliva.


    PowerBite maker can inhibit plaque formation and prevent the teeth from staining. It works by strengthening the gums and teeth. Additionally, it may help reduce gum swelling and bleeding.

    Clove Oil

    Clove oil is an aromatic herb common in Madagascar and Indonesia. Studies suggest that clove oil can prevent toothaches and other dental issues. Ancient healers propose placing the clove extract on the irritating teeth to diminish pain.

    Cloves have eugenol that can soothe the nerves in the gums reducing toothache almost immediately. It may also prevent the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the mouth and throat.

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    The Science Behind PowerBite Supplement

    PowerBite does not advertise that the dental candy is doctor formulated or approved. There is no evidence showing that the supplement has completed any clinical trials. Still, the company cites over ten studies showing the effectiveness of PowerBite ingredients in enhancing oral health.

    A combination of Mediterranean salt and xylitol can reverse some oral problems. A study suggests that five-carbon sugar polypol lowers the risk of developing cavities. Sea salt can promote the healing of mouth sores and wounds. A clinical analysis in 2020 can accelerate the healing of wounds after oral surgery or tooth extraction. In the study, subjects using sea salt rinse for +4 weeks experienced better results.

    Clove oil can boost oral health. A 1996 study shows that Syzygium aromaticum has antibacterial properties. It can fight various microbes in the mouth, including P. gingivalis, Actinomyces viscosus, and Streptococcus mutans.

    How to Use PowerBite

    Dosage: Each PowerBite bottle contains 30 easy-to-dissolve tablets or candies. It is best to take dental candy at night before bedtime. The creator recommends brushing the teeth before placing one pill in the mouth and allowing it to dissolve. The tablet quickly dissolves in the mouth, supplying the mouth with essential nutrients and minerals.

    Results: According to PowerBite maker, the potent nutrients neutralize the saliva and rejuvenate the gums and teeth. Consumers should use the dental complex daily for over six months for maximum results.

    Warning: PowerBite is not ideal for children, pregnant, and nursing women. Consumers allergic to any ingredients in dental candy should seek experts’ opinions before using the formulation.

    Side Effects: PowerBite is purportedly all-natural, with zero risk of developing side effects after using it. The manufacturer assures customers that each batch is thoroughly tested.

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    Features and Benefits of PowerBite

    PowerBite supplies the enamel, gums, and teeth with essential minerals and nutrients. It remineralizes the enamel preventing the accumulation of dental plaque.

    • PowerBite can restore the pH in the mouth, reducing dental erosion and acidity.
    • It can fight chronic gum diseases and unhealthy inflammations
    • PowerBite can starve the harmful bacteria in the mouth while promoting the growth of healthy microbes
    • PowerBite can shield the teeth against future damage
    • It can seal the microscopic holes in the enamel
    • PowerBite can freshen breath

    Pros and Cons of PowerBite Supplement

  • PowerBite is purportedly made in the United States in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved
  • PowerBite has zero side effects
  • The company offers free shipping
  • PowerBite is obtainable online only
  • The results of using PowerBite differ
  • Pricing

    You can buy PowerBite only through the official website. Customers get free shipping and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. Consumers buying multiple PowerBite bottles get two free eBooks.


    • The Two-Minute “Sparkling Smile” Guide
    • Powerbite’s Total Body Detox After Tooth and Gum Decay


    Final Word

    PowerBite is advertised as a natural dental candy that can strengthen the enamel, teeth, and gums. The supplement works by remineralizing the enamels, balancing the pH, soothing gums, and sealing the microscopic holes, preventing cavities.

    All PowerBite nutrients are purportedly research-backed, safe, and 100% organic. Eating one dental candy daily provides the users with clean and fresh breath. In addition, it can reduce gingivitis and periodontitis, among other dental problems.

    Customers can buy PowerBite online through the official website. All customers get a 60-day money-back guarantee and free shipping.


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