Thank you letters for Jan. 5, 2020

Thank you letters for Jan. 5, 2020

Thank you, merci, danke.

Thank you, Bartlett Regional Hospital

I used to say, “If anything ever happened to me that required hospitalization, get me out of Juneau!” I’ve changed my mind 1,000%!

Bartlett Regional Hospital staff has the kindest, most caring, dedicated, devoted people to their profession on the planet. Words cannot thank them for all they do. .. and they do a lot.

Thank you to the following BRH doctors, nurses and caregivers: Drs. Bellows and Jones, Jen, Jennifer, Dennis, Saba, Luke, Matt, Kevin, Clare, Steffiny, Karen, Lee, Erin, Holly, Dr. Delsman, Dennis, Emily, Emily M., Tamera; Miranda, Jenn, Nicole, Otragheil, Ruby, Kate, Kathy, Sean, Sarah, Reid, Mark, Henson, Katie W., Maika, Andrea, Kirsten, Penny, Cindy, Stephanie, Carol, Denise, Dr. Keirstead, Stephanie, Liz B., Salud, Carol, Tayrn, Megan, Jessica, Denise, Cody, Maggie, Kuirsten, Josie, Brittany, Cindy, Julie, Glenn, Lynn, Kim, Shayna, Jennifer, Alex, Dr. Taintor, Gina, Harold, Anna Lynn, Carol Whelan, Kathy, Blanca, Iris, Blanca, Hanah, Jessica, Tesa Castillo, Marchan, Rhonda, Lori, Dr. Benjamin, Kelsey, Whitney, Chaplains Barbara, Ann Bricker and Jim, and Dr. Laktonen.

Thank you also to those who visited my husband: Chris, Daymond and wife, Brooke and Jon, Alli, Angie, Gen, Cece and Ervin, Annette, Susan and Marc, Dr. Leither, Ben, Katherine, Dan, Connie Hulbert, Dr. Delsman, Bing, David Parrish and wife, Keith and Chris, Dan K., Scott W., Gordon, Donna, Kai, Anne, Bill, David, Elder Livermore, Elder Haskett, Jim, Jeff Widerspoon, Major Lisa and Karl and Scott.

Jean Sztuk,


Thank you Holiday Village

On behalf of the Southeast Alaska Food Bank (SEAFB) board of directors, volunteers and those we serve, we would like to thank Samantha Adams and everyone associated with the sixth annual Juneau Holiday Village for raising $764 of cash donations for us during the holiday season.

Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks, estimates that one in seven Americans suffer from food insecurity, and in Alaska that figure is closer to one in five, with children and seniors being most at risk. That means that roughly 6,000 of our friends, neighbors and co-workers may not know when or where their next meal will come from.

The work the SEAFB accomplishes throughout the year of collecting, storing and distributing food to those in need is accomplished by thousands of volunteer hours and our manager, the only paid position we have. In our last fiscal year the SEAFB distributed almost 500,000 pounds of food to our member agencies, non-profit organizations and individuals of the community.

It is through contributions like this that allows the SEAFB to work towards our goal of providing healthy and nutritious food to our fellow Juneauites who need help providing food for themselves and their families.

Thank you again Holiday Village. Working together, we can aid in the war to end hunger.

Chris Schapp

Manager, SEAFB

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