Our Private Cove (A Spoonerism poem)

Our Private Cove (A Spoonerism poem)

A poem submitted by reader Amy Pinney.

Come, let’s sit on strewn wishing rocks

Skip a few pebbles if we may

A cranberry wash will fill the sky

Reflecting of rippled orange

Of the silty bebble peach

Listen to the sounds, breathe tidal wafts

As seagulls caw in the breeze

Ride the waves of merengue peaks

Roll toward shore among lift wood dogs

Let’s fire-roast dinner met with later wine

A picnic where eelgrass tails the side

Lay out a blanket with side teascape

Photograph scenes of shales and whells

Let’s explore the wrest caves

Fill our buckets fathoms deep

Let’s stand atop shoals of tigh hides

String found scallops and clams

On old fishing line

Rest seaside with me like flounders

Under a strong coastal lunar sync

With our feet above the foamline

Dance with me where molting crabs shuffled by

In line with the bright moon’s glitter shine

This salient joy shared beneath nautical stars

Welcoming all the scoured ish and feels

We are holdfasts with bubber roots

Like limpets, we lock on to this time

This is us, intertidal marine life

Living off a salmon-rich coastline.

Spoonerisms included:

Pebble beach

Driftwood logs

Water line

Sail the tide

Whales and shells

Tide seascape

Wave crest

High tide

Fish and Eels

Rubber boots

• For those wondering, spoonerism is usually a two-word phase and is when the first letters of each word are exchanged. An example would be bunny rabbit becoming runny babbit, as in the book by Shel Silverstein. The Capital City Weekly accepts submissions of poetry, fiction and nonfiction for Writers’ Weir. To submit a piece for consideration, email us at editor@capweek.com.

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