Opinion: We should help provide for those at-risk of coronavirus

Opinion: We should help provide for those at-risk of coronavirus

The data that we have on the novel coronavirus has shown that the virus is particularly dangerous for the elderly. At the same time, those at the highest risk also have the most difficult time getting to the supermarket, drug stores and other services that they rely on.

As we consider the reality that current conditions may extend for many weeks, we need to make sure we are catering to the most vulnerable of our community members. Over the last week, I have rarely seen pasta, flour, frozen vegetables and other non-perishable items on the shelves in stores. In order to ensure that basic items are available to the elderly and disabled, I am asking that grocery stores reserve the first hour and a half of shopping each day — and particularly the days that the ferry arrives — for these community members. Not only will that give them first opportunity at critical supplies, but it will also reduce their risk to expose.

Other essential places should begin to think similarly.

I am 28 and single. I have a low risk of illness due to coronavirus, am flexible and am able to make due with less. The same can’t be said for many community members and it’s important that we look out for them.

Andrew Wells


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