Opinion: We need a better governor

I am writing in support of former longtime Rep. Les Gara.

We need a better governor. Someone who takes to heart the job of an elected leader; to make sure people can be lifted up; by access to good jobs; by access to excellent education at any stage of life; by getting support as needed for food and housing security; by maintaining our public infrastructure and the welfare that we all need: safe neighborhoods, efficient public transportation which runs on time; telecommunication that works well in both urban and rural settings. Let’s face it folks: “rugged individuals” cannot manage these heavy lifts. That’s what good government is for. I am writing in support of former longtime Rep. Les Gara. Please check out what he has to offer Alaska at www.LesGara.com. Gara wants to grow Alaska’s main industries, but not at the expense of Alaskans. He will continue to develop tourism but encourage travellers that stay longer; he will support mines with sound mitigation plans but does not support Pebble Mine which would sit at the headwaters of the largest salmon run left on the planet; he will work to finally create an oil production tax structure that favors Alaskans instead of the big players who mostly spend their profits out of state. Right now, Alaska is living on interest from the corpus of the Permanent Fund. We need to preserve the principal for future generations and diversify our income sources. Les Gara has everything I want in a leader: focus, dedication, love of our great State, deep understanding of the legislative process, open mindedness and a sense of humor.

Please join me in giving to his campaign early, and help carry him to a win.

Dr. Emily Kane,


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