Opinion: We must do something to stop gun violence

This weekend is Wear Orange Weekend.

Without “licensed and titled” handheld ballistic weapons used for aggressing personal affect, this last month’s proliferation of heinous massacres (Babies, for god’s sake), capping nearly three-decades of a national, inward-aimed, circular firing squad type of social ethic, the GOP’s imprisonment of my, society to an ever-increasing level of gun violence, only means further support for Republican politics will have us all living like Mariupol residents in Putin’s war of choice demolishing Ukraine.

Alaska, the state with the highest yearly number of gun fatalities at 24 per 100,000 citizens (nearly double that for a nation at 13.7/100K, or roughly 125 deaths per day), according to the CDC, with suicide and misfires the leading cause, leaves us no alternative than that we now need hold entitled purchasers responsible for any harm wherein their firearm played a role. At the same time, we also need to hold all purveying manufacturers accountable as to how their products may be violently employed

This weekend, June 3-5, the most courageous advocates for the emergent blossom of human existence, our mothers, caucusing as Moms Demand Action to End Gun Violence, applaud those in this fight for commonsense gun laws with Wear Orange Weekend. Join them in this proclamation by wearing orange and being S.M.A.R.T. storing your guns safely and secure (separate from ammunition) and telling our D.C. Senators, they must enact the same.

John Sonin,


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