Opinion: Vote your values

This fall we will be supporting Les Gara and Jessica Cook

This fall we will be supporting Les Gara and Jessica Cook for Alaska’s Governor and Lieutenant Governor. They best represent our values of honesty, integrity, equality, kindness, respect and compassion. We believe they also aspire to fair and equal representation, equal justice under the law, science and fact-based decision making, and personal health, education, and prosperity for all. They clearly support public education from Pre-K through the University of Alaska system. They support better medical access for all Alaskans and a women’s right to choose. They will work hard to address Alaska’s fiscal crisis and bring people together to mend the rural urban divide. They will work hard to help all Alaskans achieve a sound financial future. Les has emphasized that Alaska’s fisheries and tourism are important sustainable industries that deserve state investment and science-based management. And he has been clear that the Pebble Mine is “the wrong mine in the wrong place.” Les has been a strong supporter of our Marine Highway system. Climate change is a huge issue impacting all Alaskans’ future. Gara and Cook represent our concerns and will work hard to bring prosperity and quality of life for all Alaskans.

John and Mary Beth Schoen,


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