Opinion: Time to prevent the circular firing squad

Time to prevent the circular firing squad

I’m developing an almost vitriolic disdain for any politician (I’m looking at you, “Grand Old Party”) who stands oblivious to the seeming perpetual massacre of our children by destabilized AR wielders! It appears to be happening so consistently I’m becoming as dis-eased as the perpetrators, sometimes twice daily, splay their misanthropic angst at babies!

How is it that any of these so assumed elected representatives, social “preservationists”(!?), can think themselves legitimate? For democracy to work, we must “trust” in Golden Rule relationships with one another — that’s the “do unto others…” maxim. It is the only social verity in which each one of us will ever reach our potential; that being our personal sense of Justice… and in ‘Justice for All’! With so many firearms showering society, our children at school…and at play…have become like ‘shooting gallery ducks’ all too often in a (classroom) row, for the feeble-minded and cowardly, pretenders’ mindset — these who are really diseased are making us all dis-eased — to hone their lazy video arcade gaming skills.

Pardon this imagery but, the gaming sociopaths literally “blowing-up babies” with an irresponsibly employed AR-15s or AK-47s is just a subsummation of the civilian havoc, antipathy and specie suicide these military assault weapons avail innocent beings. Until voters refrain from handing our lives over to this zombie-like Grand Old Party leadership and their acolytes, we’ll only continue capitalizing the current 120 daily victims of gun violence…until we all become misanthropes of an inward facing circular firing squad!

John Stephenson Sonin