Opinion: More thoughts on socialism

Bill Brown’s considerations of socialism, published in the Empire’s opinion page Oct. 11, are articulately insightful.

Adam Smith’s classic works on economics and capitalism became the “bible of capitalism” and the hallmark of the ”invisible hand” that would somehow bring about the greatest good for the greatest number of people (see A Theory of Moral Sentiments – 1759 and A Wealth of Nations – 1776 for support on these ideas).

Fast forward – somewhere along the way (“life happens”), the “bible of capitalism” idea became sufficiently stained so that the ”invisible hand” of moral sentiments between individuals and others in society got really very dirty, convoluted and ugly.

Simply stated (if we can pretend this is simple), socialism is an effort to bring balance to the scales of society that has seemed to go tragically awry.

That said, it would appear that we must continue to work toward “public equitable socialism” (schools and education, health care – medical, psychological, public health, utilities, law enforcement, general public safety and other public services). Similarly, we will do well to engage due vigilance in society to minimize corruption and avarice to the detriment of our capitalistic and free market systems that can enable prosperity with life, liberty and hopefully some happiness. We are all in this together.

carolyn V Brown,


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