The Mendenhall Glacier, seen here in May 2016. (Angelo Saggiomo | Juneau Empire File)

The Mendenhall Glacier, seen here in May 2016. (Angelo Saggiomo | Juneau Empire File)

Opinion: Juneau should be proud of the city’s action on climate change

These projects are community supported and serve climate action and renewable energy goals.

In today’s world where there are many expressions of concern about climate change and little action, I want to express my thanks to the CBJ Assembly and City Manager Rorie Watt for the foresight and commitment shown to actually doing something that will make a difference for local residents and for the future.

Taking steps to implement the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy (JRES) has been an Assembly priority! This year, the Assembly is supporting Alaska Heat $mart, a new nonprofit seeking to accelerate adoption of renewable energy heating systems by providing professional assistance to home owners. The Assembly has supported conversion of the city’s bus and fleet cars to electric power. Further, CBJ is studying the possibility of dock electrification to improve downtown air quality by providing an alternative to low quality diesel used by many of the cruise ships

[Air pollution in Juneau is being tracked in real time. Here’s what the first week shows]

In the community, Renewable Juneau launched its Juneau Carbon Offset Fund to help lower income families convert from fossil fuel heating to efficient renewable energy. The Juneau Electric Vehicle Association continues to guide prospective electric vehicle purchasers and to assist CBJ as much as possible in fleet and bus conversion. Juneau Hydropower gets closer to being able to provide new and needed hydropower for transformation to fossil free energy use as well as mine electrification. And Juneau District Heating is taking important steps to provide lower cost zero carbon heat and hot water for Juneau while reducing up to 10% of Juneau’s carbon emissions. These projects and facilities are community supported and serve our CBJ climate action and renewable energy goals. Further, Interfaith Power and Light and 350Juneau continue to educate and advocate for solutions to climate destruction.

When so many Americans want to see our country move to a sustainable future, Juneau has much to be proud of actually doing.

Margo Waring,

President of Renewable Juneau

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