Opinion: Juneau is overwhelmed by tourists

Opinion: Juneau is overwhelmed by tourists

We have so many visitors this year. Too many in my opinion.

We have so many visitors this year. Too many in my opinion. And I don’t want to blame the tourist, as they are here because of marketing, and the inability of our city officials to say enough.

I understand that visitors mean dollars to the city, and now especially with revenues down, and a governor who is changing the funding formulas.

I think it is time for the citizens of this town to ask our city Assembly to put the brakes on future visits by cruise ships. To cap the number of visitors, or cruise ship visits. And, I would like to see those numbers; how much revenue is generated, how much do we need, how many boats have they agreed to in upcoming years.

We, as a city are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by visitors. It is in the news with more frequency, cities taking a hard look and in some instances a hard line on the number of visitors.

My ask is to the city Assembly members, go back to your districts and listen to your constituents. Ask them how they are impacted by visitors, at the docks, launch ramps, lines in the stores and banks. How many don’t come downtown, or to the glacier or are frustrated at Auke Bay Harbor, or the whale watching rodeo out there, during what is now six months of visitors.

Maybe it will surprise us all.

Patricia White,


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