Opinion: How I’m voting and why

Yes, yes, independents and Joe.

1. Proposition 1 deserves a yes vote. With the huge state budget cuts, thousands of state, municipal and private sector jobs have been lost. The oil companies are correct in their commercials about job losses, but they mostly don’t want to pay a fair tax on oil. They have spent many millions of dollars over the years fighting taxes. Passing Proposition 1can return the above lost jobs and fund our decimated ferry system.

2. Proposition 2 also deserves a yes vote. Because I am an undeclared voter, I am prohibited from voting for all the candidates in the primary. Also, I don’t like the dirty dark money contributed to candidates and having it kept secret from voters. Proposition 2 will end that.

3. I am sick and tired of hearing on the news how congressional votes were along party lines. I am going to vote for the two independents, Alyse Galvin and Al Gross. They don’t have a party line they have to follow, and they can caucus or not with the party in power for the benefit of us Alaskans.

4. I am voting for Joe Biden. Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has been using social media to support President Trump’s reelection. I hope that when people go into the voting booth that they consider this communist endorsement of Trump.

Gary Miller,


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