Opinion: Don’t resign my America to corruptive pretense

This recent murderous attack on Paul Pelosi will go down in history as the capstone on my nation’s burgeoning development in the pretense-based, fear-centered, gangland lifestyles made a national preference with the RNC supported, NRA loaded and QAnon-crazed crowds, roving and running ‘roughshod’ on our pre-2016 civilized communities, if we continue to promote members of these brainwashed, marketing-fabricated, Astroturf coalitions, as our governing authorities. We must stop the FOX farcical news. and all its collegial far-right falsifiers of reality, from seducing us into living their money prioritized reality. From the pseudo-coalitions born of unearned, and often ill-gotten gains to the Freedom Caucus and the (il)liberty first Tea Party, these Big Money-bonded coalitions seek nothing less than the wholesale un-ratification of the constitutional democracy our forefathers bequeathed some 240 years-ago. Our only legitimate detour from this path toward despotic, tyrannical autocracy, is the forthcoming midterm elections: What easily could be the last free and fair enfranchisement, “we’re able to keep!”

The need for us to refrain from this forthcoming Constitutional destruction, and the living hell for our begotten generations that ensues, is by keeping the autocratically inclined, Trump trapped GOP away from political power. Their desire to dominate, not for ideas but egos, is the pursuit of “power” for its own sake, and nothing else! Hell, they didn’t even take the effort necessary for a good lie and presume to suppose a policy platform in for the 2020 quadrennial. Leaders of GOP were so lazy (the real evil of selfishness!) they wouldn’t even be bothered with the “pretense” of purpose – beyond that of just “winning!”

Positions open for promotion this time around, from U.S. House Representatives and senators, to governorships, attorneys general, and Secretaries of State, with state house representatives and senators also on the ballot, our democracy will only endure for our children when we elect citizens to govern who’ll maintain their oath of allegiance to “Liberty” in these United States of America, not the private liberty in self consumption; corruptively lying, cheating and stealing for personal gain.

If all the skullduggery preparing-for and supporting the Jan. 6 attempted insurrection wasn’t enough, nor the boldfaced attacks on women’s reproductive rights and private liberties by a prevaricating, Trump enslaved, SCOTUS, hasn’t convinced rank-and-file Republican voters of their Party leaders’ guilt of ego-masturbation; or the blatant criminal censure from voting rolls of many black, brown, indigenous, disabled, or aged, legal American citizens, that this personality cult of MAGA deluded, domination-focused, self-centered priority, is the real Republican Party platform, as we prepare to cast our ballots for the Nov. 8, midterm election, than just consider their only reprisal is the continuous hate-filled demonization of alternatives, in their campaign rhetoric.

If the heinously violent attack on Paul Pelosi isn’t enough, imagining the barbarism to come only ‘rips my heart’ from its chest cavity. I don’t want my children to live in that kind of angry, miserable, culture of desperation, I’m sure you don’t eithe. Voting for “reasoned” peace and stability matters! Vote for democrats across the board!

• John Sonin resides on Douglas. Columns, My Turns and Letters to the Editor represent the view of the author, not the view of the Juneau Empire. Have something to say? Here’s how to submit a My Turn or letter.