Opinion: As a former mayor, I am voting for Weldon’s experience

Opinion: As a former mayor, I am voting for Weldon’s experience

I was very surprised to receive a campaign brochure from Saralynn Tabachnick in which she measures her previous fiscal experience in terms of increasing the AWARE (Aiding Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies) budget from one to three million over a number of years. This is a very commendable amount for a very essential social services organization. However, it cannot be compared to the huge responsibility that is undertaken every year by Juneau’s Mayor and Assembly, as they tackle the complexity and size of the total CBJ operating and capital budgets.

In addition, they must carefully consider sales tax revenue projections, priority options for the most urgent community deferred maintenance projects and make critical decisions inside of the operating budget that will ultimately determine our property tax millage rate. Alongside of this, they must include an annual decision that determines the amount of local support for schools allowed under the law. Over the years, Juneau has funded schools to the CAP and over the CAP where it was legal to do so.

In my opinion, Beth Weldon is the mayoral candidate who has the experience to lead the Assembly through this huge fiscal task. I urge you to cast your vote for Beth Weldon on Oct. 2.

Merrill Sanford,