Loud fireworks should be banned

I have lived in the Mendenhall Valley for 34 years. Consumer fireworks were not an issue for most of those years. When the city fireworks ordinance sunset, the endurance burden caused by consumer aerial and loud report fireworks has become intolerable. No person or animal should have to endure this unwanted extreme noise and concussion in their home.

On New Year’s Eve 2018, there were loud aerial bombs and fireworks going off on three sides of my residence for hours. It was impossible to enjoy the evening with my granddaughters or get much sleep. On July 3, my residence was bombed for hours with huge/loud fireworks being set off nearby. The inside of my house was light up, my dishes rattled and there was no sleep until after almost 2 a.m.

I expected the same on the night of the Fourth. However, I made a call to Juneau Police Department about the barrage the night before and it was almost silent in my neighborhood that night. Thank you!

I believe the caliber of the aerial and loud report fireworks that are being purchased and brought into Juneau are well above the type and caliber of the salable consumer fireworks allowed by state statute. As other cities in Alaska have done, our city should again ban these fireworks.

Karen Capp,

Mendenhall Valley

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