Letter: The three-legged stool of participatory democracy

Registering to vote is just one part of “participatory democracy,” but it is critical.

Our abysmal turn out for elections screams about the second critical part of “participatory democracy” — that of voter education and understanding of the issues to be decided. We hear again and again, “I didn’t understand the issues,” or “I didn’t know the candidates.” Why do you reckon that is, and what will it take to change this? All ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Whose responsibility is this?

We can register to vote. We can get informed. If we do not put on some shoes (real or virtual) and go vote, what have we really done? Not much.

If we do not decide to decide, it is clear that someone else will be glad to do this for us.

The Permanent Fund Dividend Vote Initiative is an integral part to upgrading our situation for the “three-legged stool of participatory democracy”. Our political will can do this if we decide, and I hope you will.

Carolyn V. Brown,