Letter: Support HB 187

Renewable energy solutions offer economic and environmental benefits for all Alaskans.

Alaskans, especially from rural villages, are extremely dependent on fossil fuels for their energy needs. In the bush, fluctuations in the price of diesel for generators cause financial insecurity and hurt everyday consumers. Fortunately, the dependence on outside carbon can be eliminated by small-scale hydropower plants, solar projects and other renewable energy solutions.

These renewable projects not only put fiscal independence into the hands of Alaskans, they have the added benefit of reducing carbon emissions. The long-term fiscal control that small-scale renewable projects provide improves the economic climate of the state and reduces our communities’ carbon impact.

I ask the Legislature to pass HB 187 in order to facilitate the development of renewable energy projects in our state. Finding solutions to Alaska’s energy challenges will benefit our economic and climate future.

Camille Heubner,

West Anchorage High School, Anchorage Youth for Environmental Action