(Juneau Empire file photo)

Letter: Stay considerate and compassionate during school consolidation process.

I’m reaching out to the citizens of Juneau to ask that we stop, take a breath and realize that we are all in this situation together regardless of which option for school consolidation we feel is best. Any option that is chosen is going to impact our students, it is unavoidable.

As adults we are responsible for setting an example for our students and for helping them get through this transition. We should model open-mindedness, compassion and strength. Our students will follow our lead.

It is disappointing to see how many are speaking out of anger and acting like adversaries just because someone else has a different opinion. The beauty of living in this country is the right to have our own opinions and beliefs, and the right to voice our opinions and beliefs. We can do this without belittling those who think otherwise.

I was saddened to see our Board of Education President Deedie Sorensen and Vice President Emil Mackey respond to differing opinions with intolerance, intimidation and contempt. As members of the community let us listen to all the testimonies provided, keep an open mind and understand we are all doing what we feel in our hearts is best for our students. No one is trying to intentionally cause harm or derail progress. Most are trying to make sure we are making the best decision for our students while recognizing the fiscal crisis the district is facing.

Jenny Thomas