(Juneau Empire File)

Letter: Relocation of warming shelter making poorest suffer even more

It never bodes well when government and church dissidents ally against a charitable organization trying to help the poorest of us, using the power of the purse. That is happening under our noses and the truly needy will suffer for it.

Opposition to Resurrection Lutheran Church’s overnight shelter, as was witnessed at last Monday’s Assembly meeting, primarily proceeds from a couple dissident churchgoers and city officials changing the location from RLC to Thane. They anonymously work with the city to stop the efforts of a pastor who believes it is the church’s mission to care for what Jesus called “the least of these” — the poor, those trapped in addiction, the mentally ill. People Jesus loved.

These are the people Jesus took a special interest in; so much that he said we will be judged by how we treat them. Full stop. His words, not mine.

Dry religion despises Christ’s words, twists them, squeezes out the living water, until only dust remains. Dry religion says the homeless will not work and addicts choose addiction. Dry bones all, in alliance with the city, believe feeding the hungry and clothing the poor and making the location of resources more accessible, reinforces sloth and drunkenness.

Locally, dry bones and government are committed to make the poorest suffer even more, pushing them further from our sight and from our minds — keen to squelch those who remind us that God’s heart beats for the downtrodden.

Jeffery Troutt