Letter: More guns mean more gun violence

I was disappointed to read your the Juneau Empire’s editorial in support of the NRA legislation supporting guns on Alaska campuses.

Please publish the evidence that arming more people in schools has prevented mass shootings. As a former prosecutor and defense attorney who learned enough about guns in the Marine Corps to know that they weren’t for casual use, I have followed the news of shooting deaths in the U.S. for almost 50 years. I can not honestly remember when a “good guy” with a gun prevented a shooting unless they shot first and asked questions later. In those cases, sadly, all too often the “bad guy” either didn’t have a gun or was not a bad guy after all.

More guns simply mean more gun violence. It is too bad our local paper can not support our local university’s leaders and act with common sense when writing editorials on important subjects.

Dave Dierdorff,