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Letter: Legislature needs to rein in Dunleavy’s power-grab

It’s not surprising to witness so many Republican politicians who’ve been capitulating to this heinous MAGA destruction of democracy; a pretentious pursuit inherently emanating from the far-right, ego-inflated, fraudulent autocrats who’ve captured our GOP.

And Dunleavy is a kingpin of this demeaning faux GOP. His power-grubbing of everything from our AMHS Operations Board, planning to appoint every member (no doubt to achieve his desired clandestine shutdown of our ferry), to our children’s book-banned, il-liberal education — wanting to inculcate @Minecraft gaming software (privately produced) into the syllabus of our maturing minds at our public schools — but to now capstone his self-flagellating, “government” fantasy plans, he intends to do away with the entire Chilkat Bald Eagle Advisory Board, Klukwan counseling chiefs and all, with Executive Order 132.

Dunleavy has overstepped the guidelines of not just democratic propriety but intends to delude us into the autocrat’s unreasoned fantasy.

When my “public-serving” Alaska Legislature (“public-serving” that is, barring any surreptitious deceivers actually serving only themselves, who’ve sought their office through nefarious means) refuses to rebuke Executive Order 132, this sought power-grubbing for control over Alaska’s resources by fiat; laying siege to our democratically created mind, generated and maturing for 50 years in Alaska, after and coincident with 250 years for our Republic to become what it has, is downright insurrectionist.

My Alaska Legislature must sustain democracy and repudiate this autocratic power-grubbing now. Democracy is our only workable governing strategy enabling every single voter to seek, without the constricting fear of what others might think, their “end” in conjunction with the perfection of our union, while sanctioning the “health and happiness of domestic tranquility, for all.”

John Sonin