(Juneau Empire File)

Letter: Lack of privacy when voting in person is concerning

Thank you to the election workers that are providing service at each polling location. My experience Tuesday at the Mendenhall Valley Public Library was pleasant.

Having said that, I was not pleased or impressed with the lack of privacy afforded me while casting my ballot in person. I see no reason the privacy voting booths used in the past would not work at this location. Sitting at a table with an inadequate cardboard cutout supposedly providing privacy did not work at all.

The whole time I was voting people were walking in back of me to either cast their ballot or deposit their ballot into the ballot box. There was no privacy curtain to keep other voters from seeing my ballot and I could easily see the person next to me without even trying.

There has got to be a better way to cast your ballot in person and, no, I am not a fan of voting by mail or dropping my ballot into a drop box in the CBJ. Our local government can and should do better.

Jerry Medina