Letter: Improving our culture and our children’s futures

Life is complicated and at times difficult, in spite of being very privileged and fortunate. This is one of those mornings of complexity and frustration.

I find myself with a lot to say and struggling with more questions than I have answers and how to express my thoughts in a rational manner.

For example, I enjoy and appreciate seeing and experiencing children that are well cared for, obviously enjoying their lives, their sparkling aware eyes, their curiosity, their easy laughter, their joy at learning, etc. On the other hand, it pains me to see the pain in the eyes of children that are being neglected, abused, maltreated, etc. I do not like pain inflicted on myself or others. Depending on the severity of the pain is the degree of the rationality of my response.

Thus, when Charles Wohlforth’s article regarding Rep. Cathy Muñoz appeared in the Sept. 1 Alaska Dispatch News, he had my attention. My first impression was that both he and Rep. Muñoz were more concerned with supporting justice for the criminals than for the pain and well-being of the survivors of sexual abuse of children. Upon discovering the reactions of other readers, I concluded that some other people had reached the same conclusion. My response to the ADN was a letter that has not appeared at this time.

The Peninsula Clarion got my attention with its editorial “Focus on Muñoz’s letters misses the point.” Unfortunately the printing was so light that all I could read of the article was that it was the Juneau Empire Editorial of Sept. 2. Fortunately, Google provided a readable copy of the editorial and many letters in support and many critical of Rep. Muñoz.

I was immediately impressed with the Empire’s editorial informative content, its positive nature to the follow-up by Rep. Muñoz and its recognition that we should be focused on the issue of sexual abuse and assault of children in Alaska. If you have not read the editorial, I recommend you do so.

We can learn from the past and we can choose what we want for our children’s future. What do we need to make it happen?

Hugh R. Hays,

Veteran for Equality, Integrity, Justice and Peace