(Juneau Empire file photo)

Letter: Dunleavy shows cruelty in turning down federal food funds for children

Cold. Unfeeling. Cruel. How else to describe Gov. Dunleavy’s decision to turn down federal funds for food for children this summer? Half of Alaska’s children would have been eligible for $40 per child per month and yet, the Dunleavy administration actually refused the money. And also refused comment to the Juneau Empire and the Anchorage Daily News.

I can understand not wanting to go on record with some sort of twisted reasoning about ignoring the needs of hungry children. It doesn’t look good, particularly to anyone who cares about the needs of children, specifically the needs of a full half of the children of Alaska. I assume that we, as Alaskans, do care about the needs of children — and should be appalled and outraged by this inhumane decision that deprives families of funds and directly hurts children.

Bridget Smith