Letter: Budget constraint

Dear AK Legislators,

If you honestly believe that a civil application of criminal justice can be bestowed through private hands; believing “good guys with a gun” are consistently good, unfailing in their purity, and “bad guys with a gun” are overt, obvious, evident, blatantly criminal, then you better prepare for a devastation of Alaska’s already tumultuous financial straits.

I really hope I won’t need to reason through the contraries inculcated in elementary school when I say that, a society working together, under general laws of behavior, is a more effective producer than any atomized group laboring apart.

“Synergy,” in and of production, but this same concept also applies to enforcement of a society’s laws, norms, and/or its cultural torts. If this SB 174 Bill intends to require Alaska educators, teachers, administrative staff, need stand behind a handgun and an evanescent badge, contending they are always “the good guys” and everyone else is “suspect,” are you ready to construe all these potential “bad guys” (the student body (and realistically) every other teacher and administrator!) should be addressed with suspicion—guilty until proven innocent? And worse yet for the economy. How do you think liability will play-out in the courts?

And here is a contradiction for you about as absurd as a Trump presidency…bestowing learning while holding-back some part of that knowledge/information when teaching others, to insure one maintains the intellectual control of a fear-based relationship. That’s how “suspicion” works, enabling the supposed pedagogue a modicum of protection.

Never being true, while expecting the culture to continue its development, its eternal pursuit towards ever-refined Truth, when the current generation doesn’t give the entire “recipe” of existence to the ones’ that follow, is absurd. When one makes the same mistakes and expects that this time, one will succeed, all the energy/money/effort invested has just become waste!

With SB 174, Alaska will be condemning itself to a waste of effort/energy and a future of cultural inefficiency! And this is just one of many bills, sponsored by Senate and House Majority leaders, that inflame, not lessen or decrease, nor even contain, our fiscal woes!

I wonder, how much more derelict and absurd can my State become?

Do not “Do Pass” this Machiavellian inanity, PLEASE!

John S. Sonin,