Letter: Assembly’s lack of action on short-term rentals irresponsible

I was sorry to read in the paper that the ordinance to register short-term rentals had been sent back to committee instead of being approved. The article did not identify problems with the proposed ordinance other than the number of owners of such rentals who were opposed. This is an indication of the size of the problem, not a reason to send it back to committee. We have a housing problem in Juneau, and Juneau’s growth will remain stagnant until adult workers can afford housing, children and child care. When people own multiple housing units and choose to rent surplus units to visitors instead of residents, we are stuck with inflated housing costs, and without enough nurses, daycare providers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and store clerks. This ordinance to register short-term rentals won’t solve the problem, but it would at least allow our policy makers to identify the size of the problem. Shame on those Assembly members who are sticking their heads in the sand and refusing to deal with this issue. Bring this ordinance back and pass it. Without registering short-term rentals you don’t even know if you are collecting the required sales tax. That’s irresponsible.

Judy Crondahl