Letter: An invitation to legislators from UAS students

Let me start with a brief introduction. My name is Josh Musson, I am a student at the University of Alaska Southeast seeking a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with a primary focus in anthropology.

As a student, it is easy for me to see the incredible value of the University of Alaska system. For those who are not directly involved with the university, that value might not be so obvious. In light of our legislators’ recent concerns, I would like to invite them and anyone else who may have doubts about the university’s research efforts to attend UAS’s Art Meets Science Convention, April 13-19. Here, they will have the opportunity to view the incredible talent possessed by UAS’s undergraduates, from research projects to performance arts.

By the end of the convention, it is my hope that our legislators and others who may share their concerns will have a better understanding of just how valuable a resource the University of Alaska system is, not just to the students but to all Alaskans.

Josh Musson