Juneau drivers need to slow down

Come on, Juneau drivers. Get your act together.

What is the big hurry? You are driving a lethal weapon. Cellphone against your ear, puppy on your lap, music blaring and racing to get “somewhere” before your fellow Juneauites.

Crosswalks mean nothing, parking lots are a joke. Cars and trucks traveling at high speeds to get that parking space with no regard for life, limb or property. Why?

Come on, Juneau. We are better than that. Put the cellphone down, turn down the music, leave your dog in the backseat and pay attention to what you are doing before you hit a child or elderly person.

Slow down, Juneau. The life you save may be your 5-year-old’s playmate, your grandma’s, your neighbor, a pet or even your own.

Drive like you should, not like you can.

Kerry L. Lindley,


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