A failed fiscal plan

Exactly how much has Bill Walker snatched from the pockets of every man, woman and child in Alaska this year?

How much would the Permanent Fund Dividend checks have been had the governor not vetoed the full amount already appropriated by our representatives and senators in the Legislature this past session?

Walker unilaterally devastated the small business community when he removed nearly $700 million dollars from the economy. The multiplier effect makes things even worse for Alaska’s economy.

While questions loom on whether it was legal for Walker to veto the full amount our legislators budgeted for our PFD’s, Alaskans have a right to know exactly how much of our dividends Walker took away from us.

We have every right to know exactly how much Walker has taxed every man, woman and child this year as he implements a failed fiscal plan that was hatched behind closed doors in secret meetings with a few select special interests, including GCI honcho Ron Duncan, Alaska Dispatch News publisher Alice Rogoff, union boss Vince Beltrami, Rasmuson Foundation staff, Northrim Bank leaders, among a very selective few others.

When will Alaskans be officially told the exact amount this governor seized from their wallets and piggy banks?

Andrée McLeod,