Never again — school violence

Righteous student activists in favor of gun control have reminded me to voice a similar opinion.

Stop the violence in our schools and communities. Limit any gun purchases to adults 21 and older. Give background checks some meaning, disallowing guns to those with mental health and domestic violence issues; make those checks consistent, rather than dropping into cracks between federal and state agencies, and giving gun sellers no reliable information at time of sale.

Limit the number of gun purchases in a given time period, so that a person who attempts to buy numerous weapons in a short period of time or across state lines is flagged and denied the right to purchase until checked for aberrant behavior. Forbid bump stocks to modify guns. Charge adults who fail to safeguard guns kept in a home. We don’t need more guns at schools or public venues to keep us safe. We need to remember that guns in private hands were intended by the forefathers for hunting, sport and home protection. Let’s change it up and live as we were taught, with respect for life.

Dana L. Hardesty,


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