MetaBoost Connection Reviews – Complete Ripoff or Legit Program?

  • Friday, July 8, 2022 3:15pm
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The MetaBoost Connection is a program that women over age 40 can use to improve their health and slim down without drastic changes. The program includes both dietary changes and a workout program to trigger faster fat-burning processes to keep up with the body’s needs.

What is the MetaBoost Connection?

In a world filled with chaos, many people are just trying to find their footing and take control of something in their life. Weight loss is often used as a self-improvement project, allowing the individual to create a regimen that works for them. Unfortunately, everyone is not a fitness trainer or a nutritionist, making it difficult to determine the right routine to get into. Some people take on the wrong routine for months and months without even knowing what they are doing wrong.

What makes this program appealing is that it isn’t just used for quick weight loss. Instead, the program centers around both reducing weight and keeping it off. Designed specifically for older women (i.e., over age 40), this program targets many of the common concerns users have as they take on workout routines.

What Impacts Weight Gain in Women Over Age 40?

Everything that causes women over 40 to struggle with their weight can be linked to two concerns – metabolism and inflammation.

Metabolism controls the way that the body uses calories. When an individual is younger, this rate is relatively high, burning through calories rapidly to keep up with the body’s growth, changing hormones, and more. Metabolism deals with everything that could need energy in the body, but it doesn’t just account for moving around or eating. It also uses calories to support the brain, control breathing, and keep many of the processes going. In fact, these processes already take up about 70% of the calories spent each day.

Unfortunately, the remaining 30% of the calories aren’t properly used as the body ages. That’s why so many women are fighting to keep their body the same weight it is, and losing the pounds becomes much harder with this uphill battle. Using the superfoods that the creators recommend, users can stimulate their metabolism to work at the same pace as before, ensuring that they can shed the extra pounds and calories.

Inflammation is another story. Inflammation can cause a lot of pain to the women that suffer from it since it can put pressure on the joints, cause disruptions in the digestive system, and damage the gut. With all of this pain and discomfort, losing weight is hardly a priority. Even women who eat healthily are fighting with their digestive system to accept it.

Both of these concerns need to be fixed in the body for any weight loss program to work. Furthermore, they both need to be kept at bay to keep the results coming. That’s why the MetaBoost Connection is important.

How Does the MetaBoost Connection Benefit Users?

Much of the credit for the MetaBoost Connection’s success has to do with the 5 superfoods that consumers are encouraged to eat during the program. The reason that these superfoods are necessary to the program is due to the way that they impact metabolism and inflammation.

The program also gets users involved in a low-impact workout specifically made for women in their 40s and older. Let’s look at how these two factors benefit users involved with the MetaBoost Connection.

The Superfoods

The superfoods included in this program are referred to as “MetaInfluencers,” or “Supreme Super Foods. “ Consumers won’t actually learn what the necessary superfoods are to this program without ordering it, especially since they need to be paired in a specific sequence to work effectively.

Most superfoods are known for their high nutrient value and the antioxidants that they provide. Antioxidants are crucial to the body’s health because they eliminate the buildup of free radicals that can damage the organs and pose a severe threat to the immune system. While these changes may not directly impact the user’s weight loss, it significantly helps with inflammation.

Inflammation is just as big of a risk to immunity as it is to the digestive system. Whenever the body digests any food, toxic bacteria can accumulate in the gut. This bacterium leads to damage in the lining of the intestine, pain, and a lack of absorption of proper nutrients. Inflammation can also make exercise more difficult since the joints aren’t the same as in their younger years.

To ensure that the meals are easy to prepare, users are provided with shopping lists with everything included in the recipes. With less hassle and everything available to the user at their fingertips, there are no worries of feeling overwhelmed by the new routine or unaware of what’s going on.

The Workouts

The workouts that consumers will need to take part in will be low-impact, which is especially helpful for individuals that may have weak joints or are starting to work out for the first time in a long time. However, that doesn’t mean that the workouts aren’t intense.

Every movement requires an elevated level of focus and high performance to get through them. The exercises specifically go after the lower stomach, the hips, and the arms, which are the parts of the body that many women struggle with when they age. With muscle-toning workouts, users will increase the number of calories they burn when they are in just a resting state (since muscles require more energy).

This program uses isometric movements that only take a couple of minutes a day to follow. Isometric movements are meant to help consumers shed extra weight because they can make the muscles more alert. They are easy on the body, and they still make a significant impact on lean muscle mass.

These workouts’ movements are explained within a written guide and clear videos, ensuring that users don’t overexert themselves or misunderstand what they are doing with their body.

Purchasing the MetaBoost Connection

The only way to gain access to the MetaBoost Connection is to register online, which costs $29. Typically, it is available for $99.95, but the creators have lowered the price for a limited time to make it more easily available to consumers.

The entire system is made of multiple guides and videos, which include:

  • MetaBoost Metabolic Flush Digital Manual
  • The digital versions of the MetaBoost Belly Blaster Manual – MetaClean & MetaLean
  • Detailed videos for MetaBody with targeted exercises and isometric movements
  • Access to an Exclusive Member’s ONLY Dashboard
  • All of these materials are paired with 24/7 access to a supportive community and the customer service team.
  • Users will also get access to shopping lists, recipes, and a guide to hormone regulation with superfoods as a free bonus.
  • Every purchase comes with a money-back guarantee that lasts through the first 60 days after the purchase was made.

Frequently Asked Questions About the MetaBoost Connection

What is the MetaBoost Connection?

The MetaBoost Connection is a fitness program that works for women in their 40s and helps them reshape their bodies and become more fit. Primarily, users are encouraged to follow the guide to demonstrate what superfoods should be included in their diet and what targeted exercises will work the best for them.

What can consumers expect from the MetaBoost Connection (other than weight loss)?

In a sense, this program is more than just a physical fitness regimen. It can improve the user’s entire disposition about their health and physique. Most women that end up in this program report feeling more confident, more astute, and leaner. They also improve their energy levels as the body has less weight to carry around.

As an added benefit of this healthy lifestyle, most people experience less pain in their joints and clearer skin.

What if consumers don’t have much time in their day to engage in a workout?

That’s not a problem. The exercises only take a few minutes of the user’s day to perform, and the foods don’t take long to prepare.

Is this program suitable for individuals that haven’t worked out in a long time?

Absolutely. The movements are easy for the user to take on, and they don’t put much pressure on the joints or the rest of the body. The program is designed for women over age 40, so each movement accommodates it.

Who created the MetaBoost Connection?

Meredith Shirk created the MetaBoost Connection. Meredith is the head of Svelte Training, and she’s been a physical trainer and nutrition specialist for years. The program that she developed for the MetaBoost Connection has already been used successfully by celebrities, athletes, and other consumers that want to shed weight.

Meredith has also worked on other programs for women, like the One and Done Workout.

What is the MetaBoost Fat Flush Digital Manual?

This manual is available as a digital guide for the program. It includes the recipes that will help the body purge the fat with improved nutrients and antioxidants that users may not be adding to their diet typically. It arranges the foods in a way that helps to break down fat, carbs, sugar, and other compounds that can add to the user’s waistline. The included shopping lists and recipes ensure that users have everything that they need to eat better.

What is the MetaBoost Belly Blaster Digital Manual?

The Belly Blaster guide shows users how they can perform each of the movements to lose weight. This manual is meant to be combined with the demonstration videos of MetaBody.

What is MetaBody?

MetaBody is a collection of videos that show all of the exercises that target the body’s core muscles to shed weight. This part of the program will also go over any adjustments that users can make if the workout is too overwhelming.

Is anyone too old to follow the recommendations of the MetaBoost Connection?

Not at all. Though this program was designed to help women around age 40, the movements are safe for anyone. Even women in their 70s will see a change in their waist, helping them to look as young as they want to feel.

To learn more about the MetaBoost Connection, call 317-662-2322 for the customer service team.

Final Thoughts on the MetaBoost Connection

The MetaBoost Connection works for older women who are looking to get in shape and maintain their weight. There is no clear amount of time that users will need to stick with the program to see results, but many women have seen 20, 30, or 40 lbs. lost in the time they’ve dedicated to the regimen. Everything is planned out for the user (down to the shopping lists), so users have to use will power and perseverance, decide to stick with it to see a difference.


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