Camp 70 ANS appreciates participation in Elizabeth Peratrovich Day celebration

  • By Juneau Empire
  • Sunday, February 25, 2018 7:13am
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Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate Elizabeth Peratrovich Day on Feb. 18.

Camp 70 Alaska Native Sisterhood hosted a gathering at the University of Alaska Southeast. We were happy to welcome so many community members who enjoyed a sunny time at the Egan Library, honoring Mrs. Peratrovich and learning Alaskan history, and we appreciate participation in the Elizabeth Peratrovich Day celebration.

Thank you to the sponsors: Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp 70, ANB Camp 70, ANS Camp 2, Wooch.een, UAS Student Government, and Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska.

Thanks for the volunteer efforts of the sisters of ANS Camp 70. Thanks for excellent design and layout work by CCTHITA Communications Department. Thanks for work by all the people all over town who spread the word, posted flyers, interviewed organizers, and printed calendar events. Thanks for the efforts made on a snowy day for people to come to the event.

Thank you to our speakers: Kevin Allen, President ANS Camp 70; June Degnan, ANS Grand Camp 2nd Vice President; Lance A. Twitchell, UAS Asst. Professor; Fran Houston for Rosa Miller, Aak’w Kwáan Yéil; Marie Olson, Aak’w Kwáan Ch’aak’; Raeanne Holmes, CCTHITA; Haley Shervey, UAS Student Government; Rick Caulfield, UAS Chancellor; Sasha Soboleff, ANB Grand President; Rhonda Butler, President ANS Camp 2; Jackie Dailey, ANS Camp 70; Joaqlin Estus, esteemed news reporter and excellent historian; Percy Kunz, ANS Camp 2.

We heard about the fight for equal rights in Alaska in the past and we were challenged to continue the fight for more justice and respect. As Ms. Estus pointed out, people then changed laws and policies without having the internet or bountiful funds. We can learn by looking back. The theme was Haa daat has nák, haa léelk‘u hás which translates in English as “our grandparents are standing around us (giving us support).” The wonderful art piece, “We Can Do It” by Apayo Moore was displayed. That portrayal of Elizabeth Peratrovich as Rosie the Riveter complemented the words of the speakers.

Anne Fuller,


First Vice President, ANS Camp 70

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