Opinion: Cherish and protect children

Opinion: Cherish and protect children

There’s no stronger bond than that of a mother and her child, and there’s no greater joy on earth than grandparents holding their grandchild for the first time. Babies in general, each individual boy and girl, make such a difference to everyone they come in contact with.

Once I lived in a small town that was generally pretty close to each other and neighborly, until a political issue tore the community in half over disagreements. It was hard to watch folks who grew up together all of the sudden become enemies. But then in the midst of all the conflict, a young boy was born with a birth defect. The town reacted to the circumstances with love and they came together to support the baby and his parents with meals, finances, gifts and anything else to help them. That boy who is doing great today and healed that town by simply being born.

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Another great example is an unexpected pregnancy by a mom in desperate times; this is an experience I witnessed on several occasions. People see a struggling new mom and baby, and they flock to pour out baby supplies, money, love and support to her and the child.

Over and over again, there are examples of the blessings and joy children bring to their parents, families and communities. During extreme hardships, people shine in extending help and care. It seems the worse the circumstances, the brighter their lights shine.

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I remember when I was pregnant with my children. I knew their personalities long before they were ever born. I knew their schedules, what music they liked and I even craved the same food they enjoy eating. When they were born, I saw their faces, held their little hands, smelled that newborn baby smell, heard their tiny cries, but as for who they were, we already knew each other. Birth was simply a transition from womb to air, but that’s all.

I pray that this letter makes it in print so to remind our current elected legislators and governor that these new lives need to be protected and cherished at all costs. I also hope that folks remember how beautiful and what blessings these children are at all stages of life. Every single person makes a huge difference to us all and every single person has their own individual purpose and destiny during their time on earth. Let them have their chance at living.

Pamela Samash,


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