Tolerance is becoming intolerable

  • Monday, May 22, 2017 10:23am
  • Opinion

The state Legislature proved that, despite the ridiculous and unjustified censure of David Eastman, they had not quite lost their minds, nor bought into every social psychosis that permeates the Democratic Party and much of our culture.

By rejecting Drew Phoenix as part of the Governor’s Human Rights Commission, they drew a line — at least for now — that shows that while some people might be deserving of pity, they are not necessarily going to be allowed to threaten religious freedom, nor redefine human rights. The experiences of the last few years have demonstrated that once these redefinitions become policy, government will seize the assets of, fine or imprison those who refuse to play along with the self-deception of imagined wrongs.

Let me be up front: tolerance has become intolerable. We have seen where invented “isms” come gushing out like a slot machine that has lost its restraining bolt: homophobism, transgenderism, even specieism. These newly coined words are so recent that we are not even certain as to the agreed upon spelling or definition.

While I am perfectly willing to call the former Ann Gordon by her new name, Drew Phoenix, if she is offended by my refusal to identify her as a man, well, I guess we’re even, because I am offended by the insistence that I play along with her charade. It is reinforced by her social and political cheerleaders, like an alcoholic who denies their problem has a host of bar buddies to sustain their self-deception.

And what’s so bad about being offended, anyway? Let’s celebrate our diversity!

Many of us believe that Phoenix suffers from a personal psychosis that pretends a new sexual identity. It is merely worthy of an elementary school game, not political policy. The cause is not relief from a non-existent political oppression, but rather to use the weapon of government to impose cultural conformity or silence. It is backed up by a silently sensed and oft-witnessed viciousness.

Like all of us, Drew Phoenix deserves the respect of a child of God, but her self-mutilation and self-deception are not. She is worthy of our prayers and pity, but not a political appointment. It flies in the face of logic, nature, common sense and … science. Prick her finger and take a blood sample. Whatever injections she may have been taking, any redacted and non-political biochemical analysis will identify her as the woman God made her.

Entire societies can and do go mad: witness England in the mid-17th century, France during its self-devouring revolution, Russia in 1917, Germany and Spain in the 1930s. All led to civil war. Individual madness is unavoidable, but like a virus can spread into an entire culture when encouraged by the machinery of church, state, academia and media.

There is a ceaseless effort underway to use the government, journalism and schools to destroy not only our freedom of religion, but also our freedom of speech and press. If their opinion ever becomes policy, columns like this may never be published again. Silence will only serve to promote and accelerate the madness.

In a world gone mad, only the sane appear crazy.

• Bob Bird is a retired public school teacher with over 40 years of experience and is currently a radio talk show host in Kenai. He was a candidate for the US Senate in 1990 and 2008.


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