Thank you letters for Aug. 4, 2019

Thank you, Merci, Danke.

On behalf of Southeast Senior Services, a division of Catholic Community Service, I would like to thank the Juneau Community Foundation for providing a $50,000 grant to support the Senior Wrap-Around Program.

By funding this program, the Gatekeeper Program provides education to individuals, businesses and community groups on how to identify isolated, at-risk seniors and refer them for assistance. In response to these calls, Case Managers provide follow-up that may include phone calls, home visits, offering information, meeting with the elder and/or family, assessing needs and setting up services to meet these needs. The grant also makes in-home counseling services available for emotional support and intervention.

As a result of funding through this grant, vulnerable seniors in Juneau have received support to improve their quality of life and live as safely and independently as possible in their own homes.

For more information about these programs or to schedule a Gatekeeper Program presentation, please call the Senior & Caregiver Resource Center at 463-6177.

Melissa Showers,

Case Management Regional Coordinator for Southeast Senior Services


Taku fisheries continues to support us and the birds we care for with their generous donation of pink salmon. This past season was no exception. Their contribution allows us to continue to care and feed the raptors throughout the year.

Dale Cotton,

President Juneau Raptor Center


With heartfelt gratitude, we would like to thank everyone who showered us with love during our most difficult time. Your love and prayers has and continues to strengthen us. We love you and God bless you.

From the family of Zachery Jones


On behalf of everyone at the Southeast Alaska Food Bank, I would like to thank Pastor James Taylor and his youth group from Liberty Bible Church in Vancouver, Washington for choosing to spend July 9 through the 12 working at the food bank.

Liberty Bible Church brought a large youth group and several adult chaperones to Juneau to help several local nonprofits, including the Southeast Alaska Food Bank, with various projects around the community.

The work that these young adults performed was outstanding, and they did it all out of the kindness of their hearts and with huge smiles on their faces.

In the four days that they were here they helped create, paint, and hang three new signs for the Southeast Alaska Food Bank, build an enclosed garden area which will allow us to grow vegetables in the future, cleaned off and painted the awning in front of our facility, painted the curbs and barriers which outline our parking lot, cleaned up an abandoned homeless encampment near our property, created a new handicapped parking area in front of our building, painted our fuel tank, and created a gravel walkway around the backside of our building.

We’d like to thank adult crew leaders Lanny Holm, Bowe Hoy, and Paul Paradise, as well as the following youth: Gideon Rounsley, Spencer Holm, Ashton Ferguson, Shelby McCombs, Morgan Hill, Abbie Heriford, Madison Freeman, Jessie Pozzi, Cora Harding, Cleb Hoy, Ben Richter, Hunter Pemberton, Emma Taylor, Marissa Ryerson, Izzy Honsowetz, Madison Hansel, Jaylen Hill, Olivia Hoy, Taegan Smith, Alec Canfield, Caleb Paradise, Jacob Hansel, Amanda Holm, Autumn Johannesen, Aislynn Candee, Sophia Parrish, Kaitlyn Williamson, Sadie Boyd and Shiloh Dahl.

Liberty Bible Church has always been a great supporter of the Southeast Alaska Food Bank, and this was their second trip to Juneau. When they visited in the summer of 2016, they helped us conduct several food drives around the community, as well as with painting and maintenance projects around our newly remodeled facility. Since then, they have also took it upon themselves to help us purchase much needed shelves and an industrial sized scale for our new warehouse.

Words cannot properly express our sincere gratitude for everything that Liberty Bible Church has done for us over the years, and we feel fortunate that Pastor Taylor and his congregation has chosen to bestow their many gifts upon us.

Darren Adams,

Manager of Southeast Alaska Food Bank


Happy Dave, a team from Juneau, is the first Alaska team ever to be selected as a semi-finalist for the Global Innovation Award. The team won the statewide nomination for the second year in a row after being selected by judges at its FIRST LEGO League Championship in Anchorage for having the most innovative project idea.

Once nominated, the team had to complete a rigorous application process to have their project reviewed by an international panel of judges. There are over 40,000 FLL teams across the globe and just 200 are nominated to submit GIA applications. Happy Dave was proud to be among the 20 chosen teams. The team traveled to San Jose at the end of June where they presented their innovation, Astro Greens, now known as Happy Greens. Happy Greens are a portable effortless microgreen growing system that can be grown by almost anyone anywhere. The competition included two days of business seminars and workshops. Though the team did not win one of the top three awards, they went away with the inspiration to start a nonprofit humanitarian business. They are hoping to provide Happy Greens to humanitarian organizations and help those in need. Congratulations to this talented team of young people! If you wish to follow their efforts you can find them on their Facebook page Happy Dave.

We’d like to express our appreciation to the business sponsors who helped get Happy Dave to San Jose: CBJ Parks & Rec Contingency Grant Committee, HECLA, James Place Apartments, PDC Engineering, Rie Munoz Gallery, Doak’s Lock & Key, Mike’s Airport Express, Integrity Auto, Riverbend Contract/Bobcat, Valley Paint, Jones Chiropractic, Construction Machinery, Ron Flint/NAO, First Bank, Shattuck & Grummett, PND Engineers, Tingey Orthodontics, AEL&P, SE Radiation Oncology Center, AK LithO, Dawson Construction, Ramper Innovations, Cost Management Alaska, and Glacier Greens.​

FIRST activities in Alaska are coordinated by the JEDC with statewide funding from BP, Alaska Airlines, GCI, and ConocoPhillips and local support from DIPAC and Couer Alaska.

Bobbi Epperly,


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