Opinion: Vote yes on Prop 2 to support kids and families

With Proposition 2, we can finally catch up to the rest of Alaska.

I’ll be voting yes on Proposition 2 in the Juneau election — supporting better youth sports facilities, improved trails and a new public cabin.

I moved here 40 years ago and have played sports ever since. Still do – though perhaps a bit slower than the old days.

I coached youth baseball for 11 years and watched a group of fun and talented kids grow from tee-ballers to Little Leaguers to high school state champs. Several of them played college ball, and Juneau has a proud tradition of baseball pros too. Now, some of those players are coaches themselves.

The need for all-weather turf for baseball and softball was a hot topic when I quit coaching years ago. Now, with Proposition 2, we can finally catch up to the rest of Alaska. It’s not just about bad hops and bruises. It means better overall safety, extended seasons and hosting tournaments that will bring revenue from out-of-town fans.

My wife and I took our kids to cabins when they were little and we still hike most of the trails around Juneau. I realize not everyone hikes or camps or plays sports, but maybe your kids will — or their kids.

For me, Juneau has been a great place to raise our family, to stay active and to continue to enjoy the incredible natural beauty surrounding us. That’s why I’m voting yes on Proposition 2 on Oct. 4. I believe trails, cabins and youth sports can be a win for everybody.

Bruce Scandling,


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