Opinion: The climate change excuse

Opinion: The climate change excuse

It is clear that Dan Sullivan is the clear choice Nov. 3.

Over the last approximately 150 years the Industrial Revolution has gradually changed the climate regime of the Earth by the release of carbon dioxide. This increase together with concomitant enhanced atmospheric water vapor mass has caused climate change that cannot be easily reversed. Instead of adapting, states have developed two equally nonsensical approaches to avoid dealing with reality. The most familiar is the climate change denier.

However, an equally pernicious ‘pass the buck’ approach is that taken by West Coast states dominated by Democratic governors. Claiming it’s not their fault that changed climate has increased wildfires making life unlivable, these states are demanding we shift to sustainable energy as the only solution to what ails us. For many scientists like myself the argument that you can reverse climate change in just a few years by instituting a federal socialist program like the Green New Deal, displays a greater level of disrespect for science then the Climate Deniers.

While we can’t immediately restore climate to its previous state, we can adapt to climate change with enough political will. With massive changes in how forests are managed and coastal engineering on multiple scales we can handle these problems.

Meanwhile, with Democrats in a snit over getting a Supreme Court justice that believes in the Constitution, it is important that the Senate not fall into Democratic hands. Having listened to Al Gross’s xenophobic ramblings at a Kenai candidates forum during the primary election it is clear that Dan Sullivan is the clear choice Nov. 3.

William Hibler, Emeritus Professor UAF,


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