(Juneau Empire file photo)

Letter: Use federal compost funds to help existing operator

This year CBJ was awarded a $2.5 million grant (part of Biden’s forward-thinking Inflation Reduction Act) to scale up Juneau’s compost capacity at 2300 Anka St. behind Costco. Juneau Composts has done a fantastic job over the past seven years developing this site, which it rents from CBJ. The grant is for facility improvement only. There is no funding for management or personnel.

CBJ was directed by the federal grant process to work with our existing compost facility; however they are instead choosing to spend some of the money to “study” the issue and then issue an RFP (request for proposals) for the “best” site manager. We already have the best possible site manager in Lisa Daugherty who has been deeply involved and mucking around in compost for the past dozen years. She has created a facility that is easy to access and also provides curbside pickup. Her services are affordable and she has diverted nearly two million pounds of waste from the dump (which will soon reach capacity).

CBJ is not positioned to manage a compost facility. They should use the grant to improve the current facility with pavement, electricity and water service, and allow Juneau Composts to continue to rent the property. If you agree please write to the Assembly members and urge them to adopt this sensible plan and not waste federal dollars.

Emily Kane