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"Break out that old menorah and put on your dreidel-spinning shoes," writes Geoff Kirsch. "For eight nights you’re going to party like it’s 165 BCE!" (Dad Grass / Unsplash)

Slack Tide: Great Alaskan Hanukkah or ‘Alaskanukkah’

You didn’t move all the way from New York to Alaska to reconnect with Judaism. And yet here you are, engaged in that time-honored Jewish… Continue reading


This photo available under a Creative Commons license shows several bottles of ranch dressing, which Geoff Kirsch notes "traditional ranch is quintessentially American, like baseball, jazz and the 64-ounce Double Big Gulp." (Mike Mozart / Flickr)

Slack Tide: Ranchin’ Out

“Bring me my ranch dressing hose!”


"I have a close relationship with my computer. I’ll call her Betty, as long as when she calls me, she doesn’t call me Al," writes Peggy McKee Barnhill.(Peggy Mckee Barnhill / For the Juneau Empire)

Gimme a Smile: My computer—my BFF

Let me tell you about my best friend…


(Szabó János / Unsplash)

Slack Tide: Halloween isn’t just the name of an overplayed movie franchise

Help bring the ratings up: celebrate Halloween 2022!

(Szabó János / Unsplash)
Geoff Kirsch is an award-winning Juneau-based writer and humorist.

Slack Tide: Wet is the New Dry

Beets are the new Brussels sprouts, which, in and of themselves, are the new kale.

Geoff Kirsch is an award-winning Juneau-based writer and humorist.