This is not a fairy tale

But it has a happy ending.

Once upon a time there was a doctor who lived in Juneau, Alaska. He brought babies into the world, saved lives, and saw others pass from this life.

As sagas are told, this doctor moved on in his life and to another state. Along the way in Juneau, he collected wonderful pieces of artwork that he moved with his family to the new location.

As days and years passed, he wanted his artworks to return to Juneau — and return it has — to again adorn the hallways of many nonprofit offices.

Therefore, the reason for this letter:

First, to thank Dr. William Palmer for donating the almost 150 pieces, paintings, photos and lithos, and

Second, to thank all those for helping Dr. Palmer return them.

To thank just a few: Rachelle Bonnett at Juneau Arts and Humanities for storing and organizing the distribution, Ray Thibodeau at Alaska Marine Lines for the careful shipping and delivery, Ken Koelsch, Kenny Solomon-Gross, and Bob Urata for committee work, Darren Smith in Olympia for organizing the transfer from Lacey, Washington, to AML in Seattle, and all the others who helped this become a reality rather than a fairy tale.

Many of our organizations are benefactors and will either hang the art or auction it as a fundraiser in the coming months.

Once again, living in Juneau is a joy.

Laraine L. Derr,


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