Opinion: The fierce urgency of our agency

We must call our congressional delegates and implore they support HR. 2101 and S. 1167.

Holy Toledo, Batman! With the out-of-control wildfires rampaging the west from Washington to California, in Europe from the U.K. to the Greek Isles, in Asia from Russia and Siberia to Korea and Japan, and torrential deluging of the American Southwest, Southeast and its eastern seaboard, it’s beyond time those of us with any kind of spiritual awareness based on the Cconstitutional principles of Christianity, and on this climate emergency.

Our spiritual convictions know that once we take that initial step in reclamation, each required subsequent step will become easier and easier until this chaos is under our control.

We also know that the literal universe will rally itself in support of our purposes to rectify this ecological trauma if we only in earnest put our efforts into doing the “next right thing.” Ridding our nation of the ‘fiddlin’ toddler born of our nation’s inefficient and wasteful use of our planet’s resources, breaching its carrying-capacity, was properly achieved in Novevmber 2020, but we can’t stop there in our work to assuage this devastation. It remains a climate emergency that is only condemning our children to a desolate and barren tomorrow.

The next step of least resistance on this spiritual quest is the congressional indoctrination of the “End Polluter Welfare Act” (HR. 2102 and S. 1167) wherein we can end subsidies to the largest industry significantly raping our planet for its private gain. In just the last century, all the energy compacted in its complex atomic constructions, requiring hundreds of millions of years in orbital mechanics to pressure into creation, released back up to a surface and atmosphere of an organically inhospitable conflagration and we only posture indifference!

We must, for our children, call our congressional delegates and implore they support HR. 2101 and S. 1167, if we prefer a future of fertility.

John Sonin,


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