The Juneau Arts & Culture Center on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019. (Michael Penn | Juneau Empire)

The Juneau Arts & Culture Center on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019. (Michael Penn | Juneau Empire)

Opinion: Support schools, not the new JACC

The children of Juneau deserve better.

There are three propositions on the Juneau ballot Oct. 1. Every teacher, school administrator and parent with children in school should vote “no” on all three propositions. They all increase our taxes, and more importantly, they do nothing to improve the education environment in our Juneau schools. There is currently a need for $51,132,000 in the Juneau Schools Capital Improvement Plan, $11,132,000 for ongoing building maintenance and $40,000,000 for the complete renovation of two old school buildings. The State of Alaska stopped reimbursing school districts their share for capital improvements at schools across Alaska. The local school districts must now pick up the total costs for capital improvement projects.

City and Borough of Juneau administration and Assembly need to stop ignoring our schools needs for a “world class” arts and entertainment center. What good is a new JACC, if the children in Juneau do not have a healthy environment in which to learn? Looking smart is not the same as being smart. The children of Juneau deserve our support and respect first, before a new arts and entertainment center. I urge all Juneau teachers, administrators and parents with children in the Juneau schools to support education by voting “no” on all three ballot propositions. Send the CBJ a message that the children of Juneau deserve better.

Voting no on all propositions will ensure that the $4,500,000 in Proposition #3, previously approved by the CBJ voters for Centennial Hall maintenance, will be spent solely on the Centennial Hall, in spite of the Assembly’s questionable actions.

John C. Wynne,


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