Gov. Mike Dunleavy. (Michael Penn | Juneau Empire File)

Gov. Mike Dunleavy. (Michael Penn | Juneau Empire File)

Opinion: Governor, Legislature need to do due diligence on PFD

The full dividend might not be the best idea.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has stated that he will veto any bill that does not provide for a full $3,000 Permanent Fund Dividend amount. I do not feel that a full PFD is the answer, in fact, I agree with many legislators who have clearly and thoughtfully stated that a full PFD will be a problem.

The House and the Senate have done considerable due diligence, in a very short period of time, on the PFD issue. They have looked at making cuts to numerous programs across the board. The governor has not provided enough time to make the draconian cuts he proposed without having dire consequences to Alaskans and the Alaska economy.

The Legislature will now continue their PFD due diligence in a special joint committee between this legislative session and the 2020 legislative session to come to agreement upon a reasonable and sustainable plan for the PFD. I am told that there have been studies in the past relating to looking at the responsibilities of state government and how many employees are required to carry out those missions. It is time to resurrect those studies and update them. The governor’s office told me that they would be looking at that.

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As to the governor’s campaign pledge to give all Alaskans PFD back payments, for the PFD amounts in previous years reduced by prior Legislatures, that is not realistic. Such action would be open to suits from those who may have since moved out of Alaska and waste a great deal of time and money. The governor needs to move past that.

I supported Gov. Dunleavy’s election in 2018. The governor’s campaign pledge to provide a full PFD does not reflect due diligence. Without his adequate due diligence on the PFD, I cannot support him again.

John C. Wynne,


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