(Juneau Empire File)

Letter: Assembly way off track — time for a course correction

My name is Molly Duvall. I was born in Petersburg and am living in Juneau now for the second time since 1990. I’m a working mother of two and I absolutely love living in this community. Politically I’m independent and would probably be classified as a “swing” voter who doesn’t strictly align with any major political ideology.

Over the past few months, along with many of my friends and neighbors, I’ve become very concerned about the excessively steep hikes in our property taxes. I’ve also attended Assembly meetings and witnessed our current Assembly’s out-of-touch attitude. A few weeks ago, along with some like-minded community members, we formed an independent expenditure group to focus on Juneau’s upcoming municipal election. While our primary issue is taxation, and we are hoping to identify and support candidates who are most likely to give taxpayers some relief, we are also taking a position opposing the new City Hall.

I actually voted in favor of the new City Hall in the 2022 municipal election because it seemed like the right thing to do. But the proposal lost at the polls, and in our system of government, once the voters speak, you move on. In spite of the fact that over half of the voters in last year’s election opposed a new City Hall, 100% of our Assembly chose to put it back on the ballot and also spend $50,000 of public money to advocate for it. We deserve Assembly members who respect the voters and the democratic process.

Juneau’s municipal election begins when your ballots arrive in the mail in mid-September. If you’re happy with your tax bill, don’t vote — but know that next year taxes will likely go up again. If you think it’s time for changes, we welcome you to join us.

Molly Duvall

Chair, Save Juneau