Girls on the Run 5K this weekend

Girls on the Run 5K this weekend

Juneau AWARE is looking for volunteers for the culminating 5K event of their Girls on the Run program at 11 a.m. Saturday at Brotherhood Bridge Trail. Girls on the Run teams at every Juneau elementary school and middle school have been working toward running the 5K during their 12-week Spring season, while learning about self-esteem, bullying, friendship, community building and health.

The following are volunteer positions, courtesy of Girls on the Run Director Rachel Wintz:

Celebration volunteer — Celebration is the party before (and after) the 5K. We need volunteers to do tasks like man food tables, oversee sign tables, help decorate the sidewalk with chalk, and take pictures of the girls.

Course assistant — There will be activity stations along the course where girls will think of what makes their inner beauty shine. We need volunteers at each station to cheer on girls and help them complete the simple activity.

Running buddy — A running buddy is someone who runs, walks or leaps every step of the 5K alongside a girl. Many girls have parents or family friends act as running buddies, but every season we have girls who need community volunteers to step in and help encourage them from start to finish. We have runners of all speeds, so if this sounds like something you’re interested in we can find a place for you.

First Aid — We need someone who is first aid certified to help in the event of an injury. This volunteer can have other responsibilities as well.

Prep and clean-up — We can use a hand setting up the equipment, loading the van before the race and unloading after the race.

Volunteers can register at or email Madison Kolb at