Sitka's Colin Baciocco won the 1A/2A/3A boys Region V championship on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

Sitka's Colin Baciocco won the 1A/2A/3A boys Region V championship on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

Bears’ Arthur, Falcons’ Welling take 4A titles

  • By Klas Stolpe
  • Sunday, September 27, 2015 1:11am
  • Sports

There were no surprises during Saturday’s Southeast Region V Cross Country Running Championships along the Treadwell Mines Trails at Sandy Beach — except the ease at which the winners in the four races navigated the floodgates of weather.

“I think I was just realizing that everybody else was going through the same thing,” Thunder Mountain senior Naomi Welling said. “When there are conditions like this you can either use it to your advantage or you can let it get to your head.”

Welling defended her 4A Girls Region V crown with a 19 minute 37.14 second jaunt that included a muddy start and finish in wind and rain and temperatures in the 40’s.

“I just tried to keep telling myself that everyone is going through this and just try to be the stronger one,” Welling said. “I was glad that I could get under 20 (minutes) and another fast race in before next weekend’s state championships.”

Juneau-Douglas senior Ali Arthur topped the 4A boys field with a time of 17:13.06. The JDHS boys and girls teams both finished in first place.

“Staying warm was the hard part,” Arthur said. “And staying in front of my teammates who were pushing me extremely hard. I wanted to open a gap. I tried to do it at the beginning, keep it through the trails and open it up at the end. At the finish I was just thinking ‘don’t get passed.’ I was extremely tired but I knew I had something left. My mindset was more ‘if you are not first, you’re last.’ I felt strong knowing that I had my teammates behind me. I know if I don’t push it then someone is right there, and we are all able to win it together.”

The Juneau boys took the team title.

Wrangell’s Reyn Hutten took the 1A/2A/3A title with a time of 21:13.40.

“It is not like this weather is unheard of being southeast Alaska,” Hutten said. “But it is hard starting and once you are in the race you don’t feel it anymore, it is just running and your legs and that is all you can feel. I didn’t have anyone to keep pace with so I just tried to go by what I felt in my body and usually it works.”

Hutton pulled away from the field just over a half mile in and was pursued by the Petersburg’s Kayleigh Eddy, Avery Skeek and Hannah Pfundt, who placed second through fourth, respectively, with Hoonah’s Jordan McLuckie in fifth and Petersburg’s Erin Pfundt in sixth.

Sitka’s Colin Baciocco defended his 1A/2A/3A boys crown with a time of 17:01.26, the fastest pace along the trail during the day.

“I think the weather and just running alone for a lot of the race was the most challenging,” Baciocco said. “I think the cold disappeared but the wetness was there throughout. I was okay running through puddles.”

Baciocco distanced himself entering the forest and pulled away on the first hill.

At the finish his Wolves teammates followed in his footsteps sweeping the top four slots.

“It is really fun having them push me,” Baciocco said. “It is a friendly competition.”

Wolves flooded over the line as Sitka’s David Wilco, Joseph Pate and Jordan Zellhuber took second through fourth place, and Wrangell’s Matthew Gerald placed fifth.

JDHS swept both the girls and boys team titles with TMHS placing second for girls and Ketchikan second for boys.

“Both our teams had great races today,” JDHS coach Tristan Knutson-Lombardo said. “Our boys showed great strength on their home course. Ethan (Goebel) and Ali (Arthur) continued their leadership up front and Arne (Ellefson-Carnes) had another strong finish. Our remaining pack of four sealed the win. The girls team went in knowing that it was going to be a tight race with Ketchikan and they used their knowledge of the course to their advantage. We couldn’t be more happy for our teams and we’re excited to be taking two full squads to the state tournament.”

The Falcons Welling and Erin Wallace again led the 4A girls pack.

“With Naomi and Erin leading the way, our girls were only 6 points out of first place,” TMHS coach Scott May said. “This was higher than we had anticipated. We knew it was going to be close with Ketchikan for second, and it was. All three teams had great performances.”

TMHS senior Dunya Herman surprised the Falcons with a lifetime personal record of 22:10 that qualified for state by placing in the top 10. She joins region winner Welling and runner up Erin Wallace.

Ketchikan’s Erika Rodanhisler, JDHS’ Malia Miller and Katline Barrows, Ketchikan’s Sarah Cool, JDHS’ Maddy Handley, Ketchikan’s Elizabeth Knight and JDHS’ Toma Kimlinger placed in the top 10. All members of the winning teams go to state as well.

TMHS qualified three boys for state. The Falcons top finisher Justin Sleppy, Jonah Penrose and Obadiah Dawson made the cut. Others in the top 10 included region winner Arthur, JDHS runner up Ethan Goebel, Ketchikan’s Sylvan Blankenship, JDHS’ Arne Ellefson-Carnes, and Ketchikan’s Leif Svenson, Trent Rodanhisler and Leif Stephens.

The top three small schools qualify for the state championships along with the top 15 individual placers.

See results below.


4A GIRLS – Juneau-Douglas 37, Thunder Mountain 43, Ketchikan 46.

4A BOYS – Juneau-Douglas 30, Ketchikan 39, Thunder Mountain 54.

1A/2A/3A BOYS – Sitka 17, Craig 97, Mt. Edgecumbe 100, Petersburg 102, Wrangell 122, Haines 140, Kake 175 and Skagway 181.

1A/2A/3A GIRLS – Petersburg 22, Mt. Edgecumbe 58, Wrangell 98, Sitka 109, Craig 112, Haines 134 and Metlakatla 149.


4A Girls

1, Welling, Naomi, Thunder Moun, 19:37.14. 2, Wallace, Erin, Thunder Moun, 19:56.80. 3, Rodanhisler, Erika, Ketchikan, 19:58.30. 4, Miller, Malia, Juneau Dougl, 21:47.42. 5, Barrows, Katline, Juneau Dougl, 21:49.64. 6, Cool, Sarah, Ketchikan, 21:56.54. 7, Handley, Maddy, Juneau Dougl, 22:06.16. 8, Knight, Elizabeth, Ketchikan, 22:06.59. 9, Hermann, Dunya, Thunder Moun, 22:10.58. 10, Kimlinger, Toma, Juneau Dougl, x22:18.46. 11, Barrows, Kyra, Juneau Dougl, x22:20.94. 12, Smith, Gillian, Juneau Dougl, x22:55.77. 13, Powers, Katie, Ketchikan, x23:19.15. 14, Duncan, Kaylah, Thunder Moun, x23:28.43. 15, Mannix, Nicole, Juneau Dougl, x24:01.82. 16, Nichols, Sydney, Ketchikan, x24:23.04. 17, Salter, Veronica, Thunder Moun, x24:23.69. 18, Linne, Farren, Ketchikan, x25:39.90. 19, Madden-Wood, Willa, Thunder Moun, x25:53.54. 20, Bryson, Elena, Thunder Moun, x26:00.38. 21, Rhein, Claire, Ketchikan, x26:06.37.

4A Boys

1, Arthur, Alize, Juneau Dougl, 17:13.06. 2, Goebel, Ethan, Juneau Dougl, 17:26.37. 3, Blankenship, Sylvan, Ketchikan, 17:28.40. 4, Ellefson-Carnes, Arne, Juneau Dougl, 17:48.86. 5, Svenson, Leif, Ketchikan, 18:01.02. 6, Rodanhisler, Trent, Ketchikan, 18:09.97. 7, Sleppy, Justin, Thunder Moun, 18:11.11. 8, Penrose, Jonah, Thunder Moun, 18:15.16. 9, Dawson, Obadiah, Thunder Moun, 18:16.43. 10, Stephens, Leif, Ketchikan, x18:23.92. 11, McKenna, Tim, Juneau Dougl, x18:29.46. 12, Taylor-Roth, Clem, Juneau Dougl, x18:34.48. 13, White, John, Juneau Dougl, x18:45.37. 14, Landes, Ben, Thunder Moun, x18:52.23. 15, Coss, John, Ketchikan, x19:13.11. 16, Suzuki, Shafer, Thunder Moun, x19:38.87. 17, Pankow, Rudy, Ketchikan, x20:01.41. 18, Jackson, Leo, Ketchikan, x20:07.09. 19, Wallace, William, Thunder Moun, x20:16.16. 20, Norman, Connor, Thunder Moun, x20:26.73. 21, Moritz, Ryan, Juneau Dougl, x21:00.55.

1A/2A/3A Girls

1, Hutten, Reyn, Wrangell, 21:13.40. 2, Eddy, Kayleigh, Petersburg, 22:00.46. 3, Skeek, Avery, Petersburg, 22:08.21. 4, Pfundt, Hannah, Petersburg, 22:40.27. 5, McLuckie, Jordan, Hoonah, 22:52.27. 6, Pfundt, Erin, Petersburg, x22:56.57. 7, Hansen, Aspen, Craig, 22:57.01. 8, Ekada, Laura, Mt. Edgecumbe, 22:59.72. 9, Borromeo, Lillian, Hydaburg, 23:13.26. 10, Murph, Julia, Petersburg, x23:18.97. 11, Weber, Al, Skagway, 23:20.62. 12, McNeilley, Ayla, Sitka, 23:25.06. 13, Jensen, Hailey, Skagway, 23:26.44. 14, Jemewouk, Jasmine, Mt. Edgecumbe, 23:28.68. 15, Willis, Bianca, Mt. Edgecumbe, 23:33.36. 16, Barlow, Alecia, Craig, 23:43.49. 17, Jenson, Amy, Wrangell, 23:44.47. 18, Thomas, Victoria, Mt. Edgecumbe, x23:52.08. 19, Otton, Shaye, Haines, 23:55.66. 20, Hollander, Rebecca, Mt. Edgecumbe, x24:41.78. 21, Lubin, Ella, Sitka, 24:47.87. 22, Studstill, Victoria, Metlakatla, 24:56.41. 23, White, Liliana, Metlakatla, 25:11.82. 24, Churchill, Kaylauna, Wrangell, 25:12.06. 25, Clark, Madison, Mt. Edgecumbe, x25:16.21. 26, Larson, Jenae, Haines, 25:22.28. 27, Bradford, Brittney, Haines, 25:27.66. 28, Dinon, Pia, Craig, 25:28.98. 29, Amaktoolik, Julie, Mt. Edgecumbe, x25:54.12. 30, Bartaloba, Hailey, Sitka, 26:04.83. 31, Parker, Madisyn, Petersburg, x26:21.17. 32, Denkinger, Hailey, Sitka, x26:32.06. 33, Venneberg, Ali, Sitka, x26:37.68. 34, Cox, Madison, Skagway, 26:38.81. 35, Decker, Helen, Wrangell, x26:39.35. 36, Roberts, Ronie, Hoonah, 26:48.75. 37, Bless, Alexandra, Petersburg, x26:55.25. 38, Yliniemi, Marissa, Metlakatla, 27:05.32. 39, Yates, Sarah, Craig, x27:46.81. 40, Gerald, Abigail, Wrangell, x27:59.66. 41, Stevenson, Morgan, Hoonah, 28:04.83. 42, Crager, Makayla, Haines, x28:06.45. 43, Seehafer, Erika, Sitka, x28:15.13. 44, Davis, Talia, Kake, 28:36.57. 45, Burnham, Skyler, Craig, x28:52.50. 46, Janes, Madisyn, Metlakatla, x29:08.12. 47, Cowart, Destinee, Haines, x29:23.49. 48, Skaflestad, Leticia, Hoonah, x29:33.92. 49, Hanson, Ashley, Craig, x30:07.25. 50, Meissner, Kiara, Wrangell, x30:38.14. 51, Allen, Johannah, Hydaburg, 31:54.05. 52, Gray, Marcia, Metlakatla, x32:16.22. 53, Whitehead, Kara, Skagway, x32:19.97. 54, Andriesen, Madeline, Haines, x36:28.16. 55, Marsden, Cheyenne, Metlakatla, x39:58.45. –, Zahnow, Tulsi, Haines, DNF.

1A/2A/3A Boys

1, Baciocco, Colin, Sitka, 17:01.26. 2, Wilcox, David, Sitka, 17:05.79. 3, Pate, Joseph, Sitka, 17:23.03. 4, Zellhuber, Jordan, Sitka, x17:43.46. 5, Gerald, Matthew, Wrangell, 17:57.89. 6, Marker, Andrew, Craig, 18:00.59. 7, Rosas, Triston, Sitka, x18:04.17. 8, Brady, Danny, Skagway, 18:14.55. 9, Hagerman, Tucker, Petersburg, 18:22.96. 10, Little, Neil, Sitka, x18:31.88. 11, Budke, Emmanuel, Hoonah, 18:39.37. 12, Lenhard, Nathaniel, Petersburg, 18:47.63. 13, Hoblet, Kendrick, Mt. Edgecumbe, 19:10.39. 14, Buxton, Connor, Sitka, x19:10.78. 15, Patten, Wyatt, Craig, 19:12.35. 16, Bradford, Casey, Haines, 19:16.17. 17, Hammer, Jacob, Wrangell, 19:18.99. 18, cox, trevor, Haines, 19:24.39. 19, Rutherford, Kobe, Mt. Edgecumbe, 19:25.43. 20, Rose, Aaron, Mt. Edgecumbe, 19:30.22. 21, Sperl, Koren, Petersburg, 19:38.08. 22, Simeonoff, James, Mt. Edgecumbe, x19:41.34. 23, Hoppe, Mason, Klawock, 19:43.38. 24, Friday, Simon, Kake, 19:49.07. 25, Merry, Shawn, Kake, 20:06.08. 26, House, Morgan, Craig, 20:12.45. 27, Packer, Seth, Craig, x20:12.82. 28, Teat, Tymon, Wrangell, 20:14.95. 29, Medalen, Stuart, Petersburg, x20:18.61. 30, Almenzor, Gabriel, Craig, x20:24.55. 31, Burnham, Timber, Craig, x20:29.20. 32, Kewan, Joseph, Mt. Edgecumbe, x20:31.51. 33, Blatchley, Riley, Wrangell, x20:32.79. 34, Hays, Mori, Haines, 20:45.30. 35, Jackson, Charles, Kake, 20:45.88. 36, Ivanoff, Karl, Mt. Edgecumbe, x20:47.10. 37, Eddy, Tolin, Petersburg, x20:47.45. 38, Bahnke, Brayden, Mt. Edgecumbe, x21:07.99. 39, Stigen, Jacob, Haines, x21:10.27. 40, Kennedy, Michael, Klawock, 21:11.41. 41, Records, Isaiah, Craig, x21:20.99. 42, Hays, Kai, Haines, x21:32.60. 43, Belisle, Wyatt, Skagway, 21:37.26. 44, McKnight, Steaven, Skagway, 21:40.14. 45, Durr, Zane, Haines, x21:43.42. 46, Green, Matthew, Haines, x21:44.63. 47, Roberts, Randy, Hoonah, 21:54.19. 48, Lewis, Jean Luc, Wrangell, x22:00.00. 49, Cook, Micah, Skagway, x22:06.79. 50, White, Jerry, Hoonah, 22:20.63. 51, Holmberg, Daniel, Petersburg, x22:29.95. 52, Dormido, CJ, Skagway, x22:33.15. 53, Seaford, Jericho, Thorne Bay, 22:45.89. 54, Ward, Skylar, Kake, x22:48.76. 55, Aceveda, Baldomero, Kake, x22:55.10. 56, Marks, Caleb, Hydaburg, 23:47.76. 57, Henderson, James, Metlakatla, 23:49.14. 58, Hillaire, Joe, Hydaburg, 24:17.17. 59, Trout, Roger, Hydaburg, 24:30.25. 60, Jackson-Gamble, Shawaan, Kake, x24:34.30. 61, Peele, William, Hydaburg, x25:13.82. 62, Davis, Jonah, Kake, x25:22.91. 63, Brandon, Brandon, Hoonah, x25:59.58. 64, Schwab, Brayden, Thorne Bay, 26:15.72. 65, Sidney, Warren-Edenshaw, Hydaburg, x26:51.24. 66, Hayes, Ashtyn, Wrangell, x26:51.56. 67, Commack, Harry, Metlakatla, 27:18.40. 68, Eaglestaff, Michael, Hydaburg, x27:32.47. 69, Bolima, Sterling, Klawock, 27:41.01. 70, Miramontez, Traesean, Hydaburg, x27:41.66. 71, Edenshaw, Kobe, Klawock, x27:52.38.

2015 Community Race

Soren Thompson M 19:12:00; Duncan Smith M 19:15:00; Ronan Lynch M 19:20:00; Bryan Hitchcock M 19:22:00; Oliver Hogendorn M 19:32:00; Kole Sperl M 19:49:00; Ricardo Worl M 19:57:00; Tucker Joeright M 20:12:00; Jake Babcock M 20:18:00; Robert Marshall M 20:22:00; Christopher Nylen M 20:30:00; Seth Machakos M 20:31:00; Caleb Deer M 20:36:00; Simon Marks M 20:53:00; Noah Machakos M 21:00:00; Shadrach Stitz M 21:03:00; Max Suzuki M 21:18:00; Finn Yerkes M 21:38:00; Rogelio Shapland-Murray m 21:38:00; Jake Marnon m 21:38:00; Noah Williams m 21:50:00; Ronan Davies m 21:54:00; Finn Morley m 21:56:00; David Pusich m 22:23:00; Michael Lorey m 22:23:00; Ian Scholl m 22:28:00; Clayton Gilbert m 22:35:00; Taylor Bentley f 23:02:00; Riley Sikes m 23:13:00; Eli Crupi m 23:23:00; Bradley Gilbert m 23:39:00; McKenzie Dimond f 23:59:00; Gretchen Neal f 24:07:00; Madison York f 24:17:00; Kelsey Walsh f 24:42:00; Tias Carney m 24:51:00; Paul DeSloover m 25:01:00; Aakash Bathija m 25:08:00; Dawn Wehde f 25:25:00; Leah Bibb f 25:35:00; Mora Lynch f 25:59:00; Michaela Bentley f 26:02:00; MacKenna Graham f 26:34:00; Leah Neyhart f 26:39:00; David Chytil m 26:42:00;Ashleigh Neal f 26:46:00; Nelli Wayne f 26:50:00; Chris Barrows m 26:52:00; Victoria Wilcox f 26:59:00; Joe Deer m 27:04:00; Katie Buchanan f 27:40:00; Mia Hines f 27:43:00; Ildi Nylen f 27:43:00; McLain Sidmore f 28:15:00; Ambrose Bucy m 28:19:00; Lily f 28:45:00; Summer Smith f 29:15:00; Jeannelle Muller f 29:27:00; Jim Green m 29:41:00; Callahan Creuteau m 29:42:00; Bellah Smith f 29:52:00; Sage Yeshia m 29:53:00; Serena Crupi f 29:54:00; Lori Crupi f 29:54:00; Miriam Stitz f 29:56:00; Sydney Thomas f 29:59:00; Thomas Ferlauto m 30:59:00; Emilyanne Lohrey f 38:38:00.

Wrangell's Reyn Hutten wins the 1A/2A/3A girls Region V championship on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

Wrangell’s Reyn Hutten wins the 1A/2A/3A girls Region V championship on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

Thunder Mountain senior Naomi Welling wins the 4A girls Region V cross country championship at Sandy Beach on Saturday.

Thunder Mountain senior Naomi Welling wins the 4A girls Region V cross country championship at Sandy Beach on Saturday.

The 1A/2A/3A boys run at the start of the Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

The 1A/2A/3A boys run at the start of the Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

Juneau-Douglas senior Alize Arthur wins the Region V 4A boys cross country championship on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

Juneau-Douglas senior Alize Arthur wins the Region V 4A boys cross country championship on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

The 4A girls run at the start of the Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

The 4A girls run at the start of the Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

Craig's Andrew Marker and Sitka's Triston Rosas race to the finish of the boys 1A/2A/3A Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

Craig’s Andrew Marker and Sitka’s Triston Rosas race to the finish of the boys 1A/2A/3A Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

The 1A/2A/3A girls run at the start of the Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

The 1A/2A/3A girls run at the start of the Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

The 4A boys run at the start of the Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

The 4A boys run at the start of the Region V championships on Saturday at Sandy Beach.

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