Keep Juneau unique and sustainable

Rich Moniak’s column in Sunday’s paper, called “The problem with resurrecting the great road debate,” was spot on. The Road debate sage is on simmer right now, but will rage on into the future no doubt. Many folks oppose it and many are in favor of The Road. All you have to do Juneauites is “follow the money” to find those in favor. Those who stand to profit from The Road are in that minority. Denny DeWitt, the director of the First Things First Foundation, is acting on behalf of his clients, the drivers behind this organization, Neil and John MacKinnon. It’s no secret that John, a former DOT Deputy Commissioner, and Neil, a local businessman and mining engineer, have a dog in this fight. The Road to Katzehin is an ill-advised project fraught with problems and logistical issues, not to mention poorly estimated construction and maintenance costs. “Follow the money,” Juneau, and don’t listen to the backseat drivers with their ulterior motives. Let’s keep Juneau unique and sustainable.

Kerry L. Lindley,


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