I’m changing the pharmacy I use. Here’s why

  • Monday, January 17, 2022 12:47pm
  • Opinion

When I use a CVS pharmacy, I not only assure that a continued proliferation of COVID-19 variations obscenely profit Pfizer and Moderna — they, in the self-serving fashion of an inhuman, compassionless (in fact mindless) zombie-like, Western corporation, prefer to continue supplying the necessary boosters to high-spending markets where the COVID-19 variations persist, while subsequently withholding vaccine distribution in the less profitable markets of developing nations wherein COVID -19 virility assures continued need for these boosters (boosters to vaccines developed by American tax-dollars, by the way!) preventing the world’s inoculation — I feed the disease that demeans and seeks to dismember our U.S. experiment in democratic-republicanism, and in its constitutionally enumerated pursuit to form a more perfect union.

My spending at CVS would allow the company to finance disinformation that right-wing, anti-vax talk show hosts like Marc Bernier, Jimmy DeYoung and Dick Farrel, three of the over 4,000 Floridian COVID deaths in August last year. Along with Mr. AntiVax, Phil Valentine from Tennessee, these four media mouthpieces have no further need, and will no longer be receiving, my financing via CVS patronage for their hosts have become another COVID-19 statistic.

Instead, CVS profits will remain pooled with the Partnership for America’s Healthcare Future (an astroturf coalition emergent of the Citizens United SCOTUS distortion of our one man, one vote franchise being extended to abstract corporate “citizens”) already working with the American Hospital Association marketing against single payer or Medicare for All. This faux, pseudo-social welfare group, through its financial support of the irrational and distorted reporting’s broadcast by personalities on OAN, NewsMax, and Fox, are shredding the fabric that has strengthened Our Nation over the last 250 years by sowing mistrust of our institutions … and in each other!

This seemingly benign consumer choice, in a kind ever demeaning feedback cycle, catapults the cynicism by feeding on human foibles, and on our often natural trepidation for methods and intricacies we don’t quite understand, enlivening ailments in an electorate that then promotes these cynical personalities, causing more dis-ease that in-turn further profits pharmaceuticals, re-enforcing profits to finance even more huckstering. As this feedback cycles through society, relationships become more and more brittle until distrust becomes the norm and the only social interlacing being done is in illiberal fascist relationships of choiceless coercion.

If CVS Pharmacy insists on facilitating my continued misery and ill-health, since I still have a choice, I’m going to break this suicidal cycle of civil human devolution by moving my business elsewhere.

• John Sonin resides on Douglas. Columns, My Turns and Letters to the Editor represent the view of the author, not the view of the Juneau Empire. Have something to say? Here’s how to submit a My Turn or letter.

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