Death Notice: Jordon John Sharclane

Jordon John Sharclane

Jordon John Sharclane passed away on Dec. 3, 2015, due to a stabbing. He was 37.

Jordon was born Oct. 10, 1978, to John M. Sharclane (deceased) and Myrna R. Brown in Sitka. He grew up in Hoonah and later moved to Juneau. Jordon’s employment included Southeast Stevedoring, Baranof Hotel, Mount Robert’s Tram, Filipino Community, MCA Bingo and work as an ANB Hall bingo cook and at Juneau’s T&H Community Council as both a maintenance and bingo worker. Jordon volunteered within the community with his mother, assisting families in need, elders and veterans.

He wed Jenny Veronica (Winders) when he was 16, and they had five children: Ellen Marie Gomez, Michael, Sarah, Veronica and Keisha Sharclane. They were also the grandparents of Anthony, Michael and Gwendolyn. He had three brothers: Daniel and Robert Sharclane, and Anthony Sharclane (deceased).

A memorial service for Jordon was held at the Juneau T&H Community Council on Dec. 11 and on Dec. 13 at the Hoonah Public School Gym. A 40-day dinner is scheduled for Jan. 21 at the Juneau T&H Community Council building at 5 p.m. in Juneau. All are welcome.

The Brown/Sharclane family said they appreciate the support the community has given.

Condolences can be mailed to Myrna Brown at 8617 Teal St. #26 Juneau, Alaska 99801.