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Zenith Labs: Review the Health Supplement Company’s Products

Zenith Labs is a top scientific research-based company that produces natural, powerful, effective, and top-notch supplements that offer good health and wellness to people worldwide.

The company is globally famous for producing a wide range of supplements that helps your body heal naturally. With this, it’s evident that the company cares about proper and healthy nutrition when partnered with Vitamin Angels, which aims to resolve global issues concerning malnutrition. The partnership move validates the values and goals of Zenith Labs.

Who is Zenith Labs?

Before we go in-depth, it’ll make sense if you get familiar with the company Zenith Labs. Zenith Labs is a scientific research-based supplement company based in Illinois, United States. The research company is headed by Dr. Ryan Shelton and several other health and medical practitioners.

Zenith Labs has been making waves across the scientific and research space as a well-developed company popularly known for delivering a vast range of top-notch products regulated under the cGMP standards.

The company’s goal is to offer full-body solutions to enhance the healing process throughout the entire body. Additionally, Zenith Labs maintains that the products they develop are backed by clinical and scientific evidence.

Zenith Labs Propositional Value

Most of the compounds used in producing Zenith Labs’s products are natural. Zenith Labs pursues some unusual ingredients and conventional medical methods to provide better healthy physiological systems in the body.

In today’s supplement world, several companies are joining the industry, and they also claim to produce products that will transform the health sector. However, we’re seeking evidence that their products are the best answer to your medical issues.

The question now is, does Zenith Labs live up to its claims? What do they offer differently from other supplements manufacturers? What makes this maker the right one to choose? And lastly, do they provide the supplement that you’re searching for?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll give answers to all these questions and other uncertainty that you may have. After this review, you’ll be in the best position to decide whether Zenith Labs is the proper supplement manufacturer for you.

Zenith Labs researched-based Supplement Products

Zenith Labs has developed several products to provide solutions to various health and physiological issues throughout the body. A group of researchers backs zenith Labs products, and it claims to support hearing, weight loss, heart health, joint health, longevity, hair regrowth, and many more.

We’ll be discussing some of these products in this review to give you a better insight into the products, providing you with the needed information to make a good decision about the company.

Additionally, the price of these products depends on the package that you choose to go for. The average price of each Zenith Labs product containing 60 tablets cost at least $60 but vary.

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply)
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply)
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply)

Omega 3-7-9 + Krill


As the name implies, Omega 3-7-9 + Krill consists of omega 3, 7, and 9, including Krill oil and vitamin E. The advantage of these fatty acids is that they are highly beneficial to human health. Some of the benefits of this product include reduced blood pressure, improved heart health, decrease plaque in the human arteries, to mention but a few.

The Omega 3-7-9 + Krill product also comes with some downsides. One of the disadvantages of the product is that the extra 20 IU of vitamin E available is a little below the recommended daily dosage of 1200 IU of vitamin E.

Price of Omega 3-7-9 + Krill

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

BP Zone


BP Zone can help decrease the inflammation present in the blood vessels, thereby supporting advanced healthy blood pressure. Aside from that, it also improves the function of the circulatory system. Also, the product aims to regulate mood and stress; it also provides maximum levels of cholesterol within the human body.

BP Zone is recommended for people who seek extra supplements for better and advanced blood pressure levels. Zenith Labs states that these benefits are possible due to their custom formula and natural compounds used to develop the product.

During our thorough review of the product, we discovered that the ingredients used (such as arjuna and saffron) have scientific backings, making BP Zone a great product to add to your list of exercise regimens and healthy diets.

Price of Omega 3-7-9 + Krill

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $ 117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Blood Sugar Premier


Zenith Labs designed Blood Sugar Premier to support sustainable, optimal, and healthy blood sugar levels. The product consists of effective and potent ingredients that provide the body with healthy blood sugar.

By taking this product, you may enjoy a high energy level throughout the entire day. Aside from that, you could eradicate early signs of illness related to blood sugar.

While many of these ingredients promote healthy blood pressure levels, Blood Sugar Premier is not to be seen as a substitute for any prescription medications you may require.

Price of Blood Sugar Premier

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $ 117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Hearing X3


Hearing X3 is produced with more than 15 natural ingredients, and it helps to improve human hearing, just as the name suggests. The product states that it can help prevent age-related hearing problems and supply the nutrient required for cells within the ear to resist aging.

In most humans, hearing impairment due to aging is inevitable. It can be a significant concern, but there are things you can do to safeguard the delicate cochlea hair cells that allow you to hear sounds. This supplement provides the body with the necessary nutrients to make these cells healthier.

Additionally, Hearing X3 contains protective ingredients and antioxidants that help ensure the ear cells are healthier over time. People should note that there is no current scientific evidence in direct support of Hearing X3’s claim to reduce age-related hearing problems.

Price of Hearing X3

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $ 117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Hair Revital X


Another incredible product from Zenith Labs is Hair Revital X. It’s a natural supplement for hair growth in men and women. Additionally, Hair Revital contains topical and oral treatment, and it claims to help strengthen follicles and DHT balance and help the hair regrow naturally.

Many of the ingredients (like palmetto extract) used to create Hair Revital X have been shown to support the production of the follicle cells responsible for hair regrowth. However, the statement that the “Anti-Genetics-Bend” helps protect generic hair loss does not have any direct scientific backing at present.

Price of Hair Revital X

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $59
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $ 135
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $234 (More budget-friendly)

Pure Greens


Pure Greens is a nutrient drink packed with more than 52 phytochemicals and ingredients that support gut health and improve system function and detoxification. The manufacturer creates the product to enhance the human immune system, strengthen metabolism, and enhance energy levels.

Manufacturers that produce green products like Pure Greens may occasionally make claims beyond what scientific research can prove, so customers are advised that some claims of this kind are unsubstantiated at present.

Price of Pure Greens

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $39
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $90
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $150 (More budget-friendly)

Longevity Activator with Resveratrol


Longevity Activator with Resveratrol is a supplement that claims to provide solutions to aging issues. Zenith Labs states that the product consists of a formula for anti-aging that supports brain and memory health. Improve your mood and energy, and enhance joint health.

While the ingredients used in the products offer many health benefits, there are no factual data to support the stronger claim that the supplement reduces telomere length. Customers will have to assess the results themselves.

Price of Longevity Activator

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Barbarian XL


Another product on Zenith Labs’s supplement list is the Barbarian XL testosterone booster. It’s a male sexual enhancement supplement containing innovative blends that offers a fast, efficient, and effective way to improve the testosterone levels in your body.

Additionally, this booster from Zenith Labs was designed to offer additional support to the body’s endocrine system – especially the production of testosterone hormones. The product is created using various ingredients that have been proven by extensive scientific research. However, you should note that Barbarian XL is not an alternative to hormonal treatment.

Price of Barbarian XL

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $39
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $90
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $150 (More budget-friendly)

Joint N-11


If you’re searching for a product that can help you maintain healthy joints, Joint N-11 from Zenith Labs is an excellent option to consider. It’s a natural nutritional joint supplement that helps prevent joint pain, safeguard delicate cartilage, and enhance optimal joint health.

When you take Joint N-11, it’ll provide your body with the nutrients it needs to live without joint pain, restore your autonomy, and complete your everyday tasks of living. Additionally, you should note that Joint N-11 is not the ultimate pass to avoid joint illness and pain. You should take the product with a proper diet and a good exercise program scheme.

During our review, our team found out that Zenith Labs excluded glucosamine from the ingredients used for producing Joint N-11 supplements during our review. It’s a missed opportunity because scientific research has proven glucosamine to be a good ingredient for enhanced joint care.

Price of Joint N-11

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $39
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $90
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $150 (More budget-friendly)

Brain C-13


Brain C-13 is an advanced brain health support supplement, and it claims to help enhance mental awareness, promote memory recall, and improve focus and clarity. Most supplements that help to improve the function of the brain can bring out skepticism. On the surface, the product seems to gain beyond what is achievable through supplements.

When we investigated further, we discovered that some ingredients in the product are backed by scientific evidence to enhance neural health. For instance, Zenith Labs claims that Brain C-13 can improve neural flexibility, which is unprovable at this time. On the other hand, Brain C-13 does include ingredients that have been shown to improve brain health without complications.

Price of Brain C-13

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Sleep Wave


Sleep Wave is an advanced sleep supplement, and it claims to contain powerful minerals and herbs that help improve optimal circadian rhythm patterns. The product also states its supports the hormonal and brainwave functions that help improve sleep.

Sleep Wave mainly contains ingredients such as magnesium, zinc, and melatonin that helps to perfect sleep. On the other hand, Sleep Wave also contains certain ingredients, such as skullcap herb powder, which can result in anxiety or restlessness in some people.

Price of Sleep Wave

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Meditation in a Bottle


Zenith Labs produced Meditation in a Bottle as a substitute for mindfulness practice and meditation replacement. Some of the supplement’s benefits include stress reduction, memory boost, belly fat shrinking, and it also claims to help you feel young again.

Unfortunately, some may find these benefits a little too good to be true, and the jury is still out on the scientific evidence. However, we found some testimonies on the impact of this product which contain some suggestions that the supplement offers better outcomes than meditation applications alone.

Overall, the Meditation in a Bottle supplement consists of similar ingredients to Brain C-13 that offer antioxidants and nutrients, including elements with the capacity to improve brain health. It’s an excellent addition to your list of medications.

Price of Meditation in a Bottle

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Nano C


The Nano C supplement consists of a formula that supports the immune system. It also improves the anti-body system and also supports recovery from bacterial and viral infections. The product is one of the many supplements from Zenith Labs designed in a droplet to maximize its absorptive capabilities.

There is no exaggeration here as Nano C is an extreme dosage of vitamin C, which comes in droplets, making it easy to take. If you don’t like taking capsules, this is a great alternative to consider.

Price of Nano C

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Probiotic T-50


The advanced Probiotic T-50 from Zenith Labs utilizes ingredients to improve your immune system, supports a healthy gut biome, and enhances gut bacteria. The product is the only supplement that uses “Director Probiotics,” which claims to improve cognitive function and fat loss.

You should keep in mind that the “Director Probiotics” advantages are not exclusive to this probiotic. No doubt that it provides an effective gut biome that gives you a higher chance of losing fat. However, that advantage is not exclusive to “ Director Probiotics.”

Probiotic T-50 supplement consists of 50 billion CFU’s that have a capacity twice the recommended amount. If you’re searching for probiotics within a specific price range, this product is an excellent option.

Price of Probiotic T-50

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Zenith Detox


Zenith Detox contains more than 20 ingredients, and it serves as another solution to expensive detox cleanses and diets. The product functions by providing the body with an adequate level of antioxidants that helps to remove free radicals that can cause havoc within the body. Glutathione is one of the primary ingredients used in the product and has been proven to prevent the body from free radicals.

Price of Zenith Detox

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)



Trim-14 supplements help control appetite and cravings, burn fats, support fat loss brain chemistry, and enhance healthy metabolism. Aside from that, the product also claims its compounds influence the hormonal function responsible for fat oxidation. Additionally, Trim-14 is not an exogenous hormone, so it cannot replicate the hormones that support fat loss in the body.

The use of Trim-14 and its ability to support fat loss is established by raising the total daily energy expenditure utilizing thermal impact and increasing resting metabolism. With an excellent sleeping protocol, exercise regimen for fat loss, and proper diet, this product can be a great addition to a good fat loss plan.

Price of Trim-14

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Vision 20


Vision 20 is a supplement produced by combining ten ingredients that Zenith Labs claims to help protect against age-related vision decline, and it also enhances eye health. Like other supplements from Zenith Labs, Vision 20 consists of “Absorptive Bend,” which helps to utilize the significant ingredients of the supplement entirely.

On the website, Zenith Labs stated some effects of beta-carotene on healthy vision and eyes.

Price of Vision 20

  • One bottle (60 tablets) (30 Days supply) – $49
  • Two bottles (120 tablets) (60 Days supply) – $117
  • Six bottles (360 tablets) (180 Days supply) – $198 (More budget-friendly)

Here Are What Customers Say about Zenith Labs

It’s no news that most manufacturers do exaggerate their supplement products. However, the effect of customer reviews, feedback, satisfaction, and testimonials provide a better insight into the supplement’s return policy honesty, shipping, manufacturing details, and lots more.

On the Zenith Labs website, we found some positive testimonials. The company provides a wide variety of written and positive videos. It’s ultimately up to the individual to decide whether these positive testimonials are correct or not. However, our review team went beyond what was on the website to search for unbiased and honest feedback, and here is what we discovered.

There are several reviews on the Zenith Labs website. We gathered most of these reviews and collated the responses to form an easy-to-read pro and con list to make things easier.


  • A large amount of enormous positive reviews on the website
  • Supplements are produced with natural compounds/ingredients
  • Supplements regulated under cGMP
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • The average shipping time is between 2 to 3 days
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Insurance and payment security at Zenith Labs
  • Company donations and initiatives – Vitamin Angels
  • Subscribe & Save – the best option for budget-friendly purchases


  • Most supplements in the form of capsules
  • Many beneficial claims do not have direct scientific backing
  • The company selects the testimonials on Zenith Labs
  • Some supplements are pretty expensive for what they offer

Zenith Labs Shipping Policy

Zenith Labs processes all their orders between 2 to 3 working days. It’s important to note that the supplements ordered via its website won’t be delivered during the holidays or weekends.

Shipping Rate and Delivery

The shipping rate is processed on the sales page and might be discounted during cashout. Additionally, the company offers overnight shipping, but it’s only available within the U.S.

Order Tracking and Shipping Confirmation

The company guarantees a shipping confirmation within 24 hours after you place your purchase order. You can use the confirmation number to track the current location of your goods until it gets to your doorstep.

Product Pricing

Zenith Labs offers reasonable pricing when you’re getting its products in large quantities. The offer provides extra discounts and ensures the supplements get to your doorstep without delay. Additionally, most supplements have a “subscribe and save” plan that you can take advantage of.

Customer Relation designed

Most of Zenith Labs’ customers are happy with their products and services. There are no complaints about customer support or services. The company has made it easy for the customers to contact their support.

Zenith Labs Refund Policy

All orders placed on the Zenith Labs website are entitled to a refund through the “Empty bottle” policy. It means that the company offers a refund on all orders, even if the bottle is empty. Customers should note that a bottle is usually a 30 days supply supplement.

Zenith Labs Contact

Zenith Labs is located in McHenry, Illinois. You can reach out for support via the contact options below:

  • Return Address: You should contact Zenith Labs to get the return address
  • Email:
  • Mailing & Contact Address: 4610 Prime Parkway, McHenry, IL, 60050
  • Phone Number: (800) 928-1184

FAQs on Zenith Labs

Q: Is Zenith Labs a reliable supplement company?

A: There are several testimonials and reviews on the Zenith Labs website. Most of these customers are sure of these products and swear by them. Even though these reviews look genuine, it’s vital to note that Zenith Labs is responsible for selecting which reviews and testimonials to display on their site.

Q: How should I use Zenith Labs products?

A: How you should use Zenith Labs products is subjective, depending on who is taking them. Most supplements recommend taking 1 to 2 tablets daily with a max limit of 4 tablets.

The daily dose for each product will vary, so you should visit the company’s website to get more info on the supplement you’re interested in.

Regardless of the supplement, ensure that you compliment them with a proper diet protocol, proper sleep, exercise regimen, and optimal nutrition.

Q: Is Zenith Labs secure?

A: Overall, it’s safe to take all supplements from Zenith Labs. After we reviewed the company’s products, we didn’t find any ingredients that could cause harm or complications to the body. Additionally, the recommended dosage of each ingredient is below harmful limits.

Zenith Labs Final Verdict

Overall, Zenith Labs offer products that are effective and safe to use. Though there are some red flags (which have been discussed in this article) that you need to pay attention to, we think supplements from Zenith Labs are an excellent addition to a proper sleep routine, consistent and reasonable diet plan, and exercise regiment. It helps to support and improve the wellness of the body.

Additionally, the company offers a complete money-back guarantee on any products that you’re not satisfied with. If you want to learn more about Zenith Labs supplements, you should visit their site.

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